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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frost Report: Day 5 

Cannon and Ball have entered I'm a Celebrity...! Cannon and Ball! Despite the fact that she now has the best eighties comic double act since, ooh, Little and Large to entertain her, Jenny Frost is not a happy bunny. Perhaps it was because they didn't have a clue who she was - "Hello Jan", smiled Tommy as they were introduced - or perhaps, and indeed slightly more likely given that Jenny should be more than used to people not knowing who she was, what caused her to get upset and throw a bit of a strop was the fact that their arrival meant that the sleeping situation needed to undergo a bit of a reassessment and our Jen was about to get lumbered with the wet and uncomfortable looking hammock. We're not entirely sure how all this resolved itself as, somewhat annoyingly - and this is probably the only time we'd call missing out on seeing an Atomic Kitten member annoying - given it was the only involvement she had in the show, our TV reception decided to start playing silly buggers at this point so our understanding of events was somewhat piecemeal. Much like Jenny's, in fact.

To make Jenny even more miserable and upset, why not nominate her for a Bushtucker Trial. Either phone 09011 32 32 04 or text JENNY to 63334.