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Friday, January 07, 2005

Big Brother's Watching Kenzie 

When it was announced that Celebrity Big Brother was going to be returning for a third series, we thought that it'd be quite entertaining if the show's producers were to send in an entirely non-famous member of the public alongside the celebrities and wait to see how long it would take before one of them would breach the etiquette of the Z-List and ask "Umm, so who the hell are you, exactly?". It seems that they've had exactly the same idea, which explains why Lisa I'Anson, the only person in the world who is less famous than Richard Blackwood, has entered the house.

Some of you may be wondering why we're bothering to mention Celebrity Big Brother on a pop website, seeing as it's somewhat out of our jurisdiction, and perhaps reasoning that it's clearly because we've got nothing better to write about, which is partly true but we do have justification as this years contingent is quite pop heavy. Alongside John McCririck - The Elephant Man, Germaine Greer - The Anti Delia Smith and Brigitte Nielson - A drag queen, if her appearance last night was anything to go by, we have such luminaries as Jeremy Edwards who once went out with Rachel Stevens, Caprice who released a rubbish record a few years ago and once did a PA in a pub close to our headquarters. We didn't go. We also have Bez, a man who's entire adult employment has consisted of him taking a couple of steps forward, then a couple of steps back, while holding maracas. And. And! If they weren't enough, we also have none other than Kenzie, the one out of Blazin' Squad that you might recognise who isn't either Krazy or The Fat One, which basically means he's even more tenuously linked to the world of pop than the others.

For no better reason than January being a notoriously slow month in the world of music news, we plan on keeping an eye on Kenzie throughout his time in the Big Brother house, which may mean that this feature comes to an abrupt end in a couple of days time. Already he's promised to "bring a musical vibe to the house", which is nice, but it's just a shame that he didn't think of doing that while he was a member of Blazin' Squad.