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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

10 Things We State About... 

Keane are at number one in the album charts. To celebrate this turn of events they're this week's subject for 10 Things.... We realise that this isn't exactly a hugely inspired choice, but hey, they started it! Anyway, here are ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about the nations favourite cherubic faced piano rockers.
  1. Cherubic is a euphemism for 'Chubby'.
  2. Keanes' Hopes and Fears are essentially filed under two categories: Fears that they'll get beaten up by the school bullies and hopes that they won't get beaten up by the school bullies.
  3. Keane are so posh that their underwear is handwoven from the finest cashmere and they still believe that the Big Issue is nothing more than an extravagant sneeze
  4. Tim and Tom are both massive fans of the Flintstones and both have hats crafted to look like their favourite character. Tim's is a replica of Barney Rubble, while Tom's is Fred shaped.
  5. Rice-Oxley is a popular style of Vietnamese cooking.
  6. Newie Under The Iron Sea is a concept album about how frustrated Tim had to deal with a massive pile of creased shirts.
  7. Like Chicks on Speed, they don't need guitars. This is just one of one ways in which Keane are like Chicks on Speed.
  8. Top audio scientists have invented a machine that can tell the difference between all of Keane's non single tracks. Due to the apparent impossibility of this, many are calling for them to be burnt as witches.
  9. Tom Chaplin isn't a real chaplin. He is a real Tom Tom satellite navigation system, though.
  10. Somewhere Only We Know was really ace, mind.