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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Worst Things Worst 

It's here! Yes, only one month after it was supposed to start - it turns out that drawing up a list like this is a lot harder than you might expect - we can finally begin counting down our list of the 100 Actual Worst Records, Ever. Over the next 100 days (Ish. We're sure you're as aware as we are of the unlikelyhood of us being able to consistently update the site for a week, let alone 3 months) we'll be looking at each one of the godawful songs that make up this list, in a method which we believe is known as "milking it for all it's worth".

As you may have noticed it's taken us a while to draw up this list, mainly because choosing which songs to leave out is harder than decided those to include. Indeed, there's probably a few surprises included in the artists that haven't made it into the list as well as those that have, but when even Ronan Keating and Jamiroquai find themselves lurking with intent outside the top 100, you can rest assured that everyone else in the list must be truely awful. To give an idea of just how strict we've been, not even Michael Bolton's Can I Touch You... There made the final cut.

Those rules again:-If you're looking for the antithesis of this project, why not head over to 1001 Greatest Pop Songs, where a crack team of pop experts are currently sorting out the wheat, rather than the chaff which we're finding ourselves wading through, but for now, here's our list of the 100 Actual Worst Records so far:-

100: Thunderbugs - Friends Forever
99: England United - (How Does it Feel To Be) On Top of the World
98: Kula Shaker - Mystical Machine Gun
97: Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffanys
96: Hoobastank - The Reason
95: Geri Halliwell - It's Raining Men
94: Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
93: Usher - Confessions: Part 2
92: Speedway - Genie in a Bottle
91: Phantom Planet - California
90: Various Artists - Perfect Day
89: Blue - Fly By
88: Heather Small - Proud
87: Rooster - You're So Right For Me
86: ...
85: ..
84: .