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Monday, May 16, 2005

Girls on Stage 

While Friday the 13th may be considered unlucky for some, most notably anyone who's had the misfortune to rent it from their local branch of Blockbusters, for us it was a very special day indeed, as that evening found us in Glasgow's Armadillo watching five feisty females strut their way through a selection of modern pop classics, otherwise known as the Girls Aloud live experience. Support came from Kute, who were magnificent and we'll be writing more about them at a future date, and Cookie who are essentially GA Lite and, as such, have slightly less sugar than the real thing, but Do It Again is pretty good. We can't help but feel, however, that their Nicola, who was also a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals, spends every night of the tour at the side of the stage, watching the main event and disconsolantly thinking 'That could have been me'.

As for the main event itself - which we're still slightly disappointed was called the What Will The Neighbours Say Tour, rather than Girls Aloud: The Show, which is a far superior title - it was something very special indeed. Banners were very thin on the ground, we only spotted one, which had "We're gift wrapped kitty cats" on one side and, fabulously, "Nicola is boss" on the other. There didn't even appear to be any "Point your erection in my direction" style ones - "Pont your breasts towards my arm rests", perhaps - but the crowd were certainly up for a good night. It was a night made up of many moments, many of which could, indeed, be described as magic, and here we will do our very best to list them all as and when they happened. Incidentally, if anyone's looking for an unbiased and impartial review, they you might as well look elsewhere. Our eyes remained stage Nicola for the majority of the night and quite frankly the girls could have come on stage, told us all to fuck off before walking off singing "We've got your money, na-na-na na-na-naaaa", and we'd still be hailing it as one of the best gigs of all time. The fact that they didn't do this and instead put on a hell of a show just makes the whole thing even more fantastic.