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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Top of the Popstars // Part 2 

Well, The bottom half of the list of the Top 50 Popstars of all time wasn't exactly an awe-inspiring list of all that's good in music, was it? Never mind though, the top of half of the list must be something special if all the crap has already been dealt with, surely? You'd think so, wouldn't you...So, we've seen the bottom 49 members of the list, there's been highs, there's been lows. There's been pop stars of such jaw-dropping fabness that we had to go to the doctors to have our mouth re-attatched, there's also been artists of such poor quality that we very nearly tore off our own ears, so fearful were we of ever having to hear them again. However, we're now at the top of the list and we're about to reveal who, according to sales figures, is the best pop star ever. Clearly this person must be some sort of glittery god. An icon who makes all who come into their presense bow down and worship. So who is this ultimate pop star, this behemoth astride the music scene, the one person who's yawn is better than every single other item of recorded music... ever!? Lets do the big reveal!