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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Live 8 Live 

Yes, despite it being quite a nice day here in Edinburgh, we've decided against actually leaving the house and wandering around town in a white t-shirt in the vague hope that it might make a difference, and will instead be spending 8 and a half hours sat in front of the telly watching the Live 8 coverage and trying to think of new and original ways to call Bono a sanctimonious git.

This piece (Click here to see it by itself) will be updated constantly throughout the day, to provide a blow by blow, as it happens account of the days events, so keep hitting your refresh button. We should be republishing it every few minutes or so but if, as is quite likely, we forget and it seems like it's been ages since we updated, send an e-mail to talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com to give us a kick up the arse. Also! We'd like to know what you're thinking about the whole shebang/debacle so please e-mail us your thoughts and opinions to the same address and we'll publish a selection of them as the day goes on, i.e. when we've run out of new and original ways to call Bono a sanctimonious git.

12.59PM: Right, let's do this then.
1.00PM: McFly started at 3AM oover in Tokyo, while The South African gig began an hour ago. They appear to be having the excitement of a man whistling. We feel quite glad to not be there.
1.01PM: Host Jonathon Ross declared that everyone who bought tickets on eBay for the show is morally reprehensible, this is despite the fact that he's wearing a horrible bright yellow suit which is a far greater crime.
1.03PM: Jo Fucking Whiley :(
1.03PM: Fearne Cotton :)
1.04PM: She reckons it's going to be an awesome day, despite the fact she just brought up the fact that Joss Stone is on the bill.
1.04PM: Elton John is being interviewd by Johnathon Ross in what we can only describe as desperate filler.
1.05PM: As the gig doesn't begin til 2PM, we expect there's going to be a lot of this for the first hour.
1.06PM: Elton appears to be dressed as a member of Interpol.
1.08PM: Johnathon has made the first joke of the night about Geldof being a bit scruffy.
1.09PM: Jo Whiley and U2. The Edge gets excited by logos.
1.09PM: "U2 go down on Noel Edmonds chopper", says one of the members who's nethier Bono nor The Edge in a reference to their entrance to the site last time around. This may be while he never normally gets to speak.
1.11PM: Bono is a sanctimonious git.
1.12PM: Bono: "We don't want people putting their hands in their pocket, we want people punching their fists in the air" - to Coldplay?!
1.13PM: Johnathon: "85% of the world's population will be able to tune in", of course, whether they will or not is an entirely different matter.
1.14PM: McFly and Good Charlotte in Tokyo, apprently these are the best moments so far. This doesn't exactly bode well for the rest of the day.
1.15PM: Dreams Come True. We've never had a dream about something quite so inspid as they appear to be.
1.16PM: More McFly, cut mercifully short.
1.16PM: Crowd shot reveals that a chunk of the audience all have massive foam hands emblazoned with what appeared to be the Daily Mirror logo. Nice to see they're not letting an advertising opportunity slip through their massive foman fingers.
1.17PM: Geldof discussing the original Band Aid record, just in case you've somehow managed to miss him telling that particular story.
1.20PM: Geldog and Michael Buerke with Johnathon. Geldof is wearing a beret at a rather jaunty angle. Buerke is currently hatless, though we reckon he'll be in a red sparkly top hat, high kicking his way across the stage for the big finale later on.
1.23PM: Geldof is at least making the point that throwing money at Africa without changing the way we trade with the continent would be a waste of time.
1.24PM: Bob claims that him and Michael will be doing Bridge Over Troubled Water later on. Michael reckons he'll be down the front, punching his fist in the air.
1.26PM: Shots of the stage being put together and some 'exciting' facts and figures. Perhaps the BBC should have waited until nearer 2PM before starting their build up.
1.27PM: Fearne has randomly bumped into Johnny Vaughn and is interviewing him. Can anyone tell us why people thought he ever had any talent?
1.28PM: She's now interviewing Cat Deely and Edith Bowman. Christ.
1.30PM: Johnathon: "Now I know how Cat Deeley's day's going, I can relax"
1.30PM: Ricky Gervais 'doing' G4. Definitely the highlight so far, although we're hoping to see Fearne interviewing a weathergirl later on, which'll probably just top it.
1.33PM: Andrew Marr providing the political background to the whole thing. He's done a short film and, judging by the poor framing and the shonky camera work, he's done it entirely by himself with a camcorder he's got on loan from Dixons.
1.36PM: Andrew: "Africa is an incredibly involved and complicated issue, it'll take decades to sort it out". Well, that's going to piss on a few people's chips.
1.37PM: Crowd shot. Despite the fact that not a single thing is happening on stage, there are already girls up on their boyfriends shoulders for no other reason than to vaugely irk the people behind them.
1.38PM: Andrew still talking about why all the bands are giving up their time for no other reward than a sense of well being and a massive increase in album sales.
1.39PM: Jo Whiley and Dido. Bring back Fearne and Cat.
1.40PM: Dido "I happen to be a musician". Since when?
1.40PM: If you know you're going to be asked about your feelings and experiences of poverty in Africa, you should really have a rough idea of what you're going to say instead of stumbling over it as if your tongue is too large for your head.
1.42PM: Jusging by the hairstyles and outfits, we're now seeing shots of the original Live Aid gig. Either that or it's Die Toten Hosen in Berlin.
1.43PM: Mahotella Queens in Johannesberg, or Jo'berg as it's 'trendily' being called. We bet Jake Shears is wanting to know the number of their stylist.
1.45PM: Bono and Paul McCartney will be opening the show in just 15 minutes. The build up is so interminable that this is beginning to sound like a good thing.
1.45PM: Graham Norton is in Philadelphia. He's pretending to be Rocky, as opposed to many of the artists who'll be appearing who'll just be stoned.
1.47PM: He's interviewing a few of the artists, though it says a lot about his standing that the only people who seem to want to speak to him are Def Leppard, Jon Bon Jovi and Josh Grogan.
1.49PM: Fearne is talking to an over excitable girl in the crowd. Though as she's looking forward to seeing Robbie Williams, it's hard to know why she's getting quite so unecessary about it all.
1.50PM: Some very smiley Ozzies. They make saving the world seem like the funnest thing in the world.
1.51PM: Sanjeev Bhaskar chatting to Jonathon for no apparent reason.
1.52PM: As the Gay Pride march is happening at the same time, they've descended into a collection of euphenisms for homosexuality, presumably because they're actually 12.
1.54PM: Fearne can smell the excitement. Either that or a portaloo's blocked.
1.54PM: She's pointed out Ronan Keating and Ulrike Jonnson backstage. Remember that this is an event which features some of the worlds biggest stars.
1.55PM: Jonathon and Jo Whiley are chatting. Jonathon is desperately tellign us to stay tuned, we're not surprised if this is the best they can offer.
1.56PM: The crowd are cheering. Things might be about to happen, either that or they've just announced that Annie Lennox has cancelled.
2.00PM: Jonathon started doing his big link to open the show, only to have his thunder stolen when he was told that they weren't quite ready. Instead we're seeing Status Quo opening the show in 1985.
2.02PM: Some big, if out of time, pips, a shot of Big Ben, and Johnathon's big link, introducing all the concerts.
2.03PM: A band of guardsmen have just played. We really are at the cutting edge, aren't we?
2.04PM: It's U2 and Paul McCartney. The crowd is going wild. We'd be pretty livid as well.
2.04PM: They're doing Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, do you see what they've done there? It was twenty years ago today! Brilliant! Sigh!
2.05PM: And the Bootleg Beatles are doing the horns.
2.05PM: Of course, thinking about, a song about a washed out band is quite appropriate for a lot of the line-up today.
2.06PM: Bono: "The Macca, Paul McCartney, What a trip". Now ther's an advert to not take drugs.
2.07PM: U2 are doing Beautiful Day. Paul McCartney appears to have buggered off.
2.09PM: Bono has managed to work the names of all the gig venues into the lyrics of the song.
2.10PM: They've released some doves. That girl really is chuffed that Jackson got found not guilty, isn't she?
2.11PM: Bono: "Paul McCartney, what a gift to the world!". We wonder if he's still got the receipt.
2.12PM: Vertigo and the video screen changes to reflect the album's artwork. Remember, kids, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb is availiable in all good record shops right now.
2.13PM: A banner in the crowd reads "Live 8 b4 it's too late" which, as far as we can tell, doesn't make any sense whatsoever and has been chosen for no other reason than it rhymes.
2.15PM: Bono is wearing an a black denim jacket and jeans. Unless you're B*Witched, the all over look is something of a fashion faux pas.
2.16PM: Bono: "We can't think every problem, but those we can, we must". He does have a point, and is listing a number of statistics which are quite shocking and which we can and, indeed, should sort out. But still, sanctimonious git.
2.17PM: Bono: "Make history by making poverty history", which the crowd have cheered, though having attended a number of political rallies in the past, getting a partisan crowd to cheer a statement of that sort isn't exactly a taxing task.
2.18PM: One. We have a slight soft spot for this song, mainly because Johnny Cash did an absolutely fantastic version of it.
2.19PM: The flags of various African nations are floating past on the backdrop behind them. We reckon that that's going to be used for every vaguely slow song during the day's events.
2.21PM: That young girl down the front looks really bored.
2.22PM: A bloke with a whistle and 'happy hands' seems to have confused the event for an illegal nineties rave.
2.23PM: A brief accapella version of the Righteous Brother's Unchained Melody, though as the audience didn't seem to know the words, he's cut it short.
2.24PM: And they're off. Jonathon is back, joined by, bloody hell, Sting.
2.25PM: Fearne was talking to the audience about their thoughts on the U2 gig, a feature which was thankfully cut short due to technical difficulties, also known as the director going "Jesus god, no! What dull leaden horror is this?!"
2.28PM: Jo Whiley is talking to Keane, proving conclusively that birds of a feather flock together. And we're specifically talking about dulls with a dull grey plumage here.
2.29PM: Keave will be doing two songs, one of which will be Bedshaped. Mark this down as a toilet break.
2.30PM: Richard Curtis is a fan of Keane. It figures.
2.31PM: Sting will be doing exactly the same songs he did 20 years ago at the original Live Aid gig. Nice to see he's putting a bit of effort in for the event, isn't it?
2.31PM: Though he is changing the lyrics of "Every Breath You Take" to "We'll be watching you". And who says political commentary is dead?
2.32PM: Coldplay. Chris Martin is bouncing up and down like a labrador puppy who's just found out where they make toilet paper.
2.32PM: We reckon they're doing In My Place, though given the remarkable similarity of everything in their back catalogue, we need to wait for the lyrics to come in.
2.33PM: Chris is wearing every single wrist band the world has ever seen on his left arm. With any luck at least one of them will be restricting his circulation. He's certainly not very good at getting the blood pumping, that's for sure.
2.34PM: Though they can get a rush of blood to the head. Arf!
2.35PM: Chris has forced a brief cover of Rockin' All Over The World into the song. For reasons best known to himself, he did it in the style of a rastafarian.
2.36PM: He's also doing Freddie Mercury's "Oh-oh" call and response thing. At this rate he'll be telling us to donate our fucking money next.
2.36PM: He's introduced Richard Ashcroft to perform the "best song in the world". Can they really be teaming up for a cover of ELO's Mr Blue Sky?
2.37PM: No.
2.37PM: It is, in fact, Bittersweet Symphony. Yawn. For younger readers, Richard Ashcroft was vaguely big in the nineties with a band called the Verve. They were rubbish, but they used strings, so they got called epic and lots of people bought their records.
2.38PM: His solo work was rubbish too. Most notably Song for the Lovers which, when we hear it, makes us feel very glad we're single.
2.40PM: Even Fat Les, who parodied the video for this, were better.
2.41PM: In fact, wouldn't it be good if they were a surprise addititon to the bill?
2.41PM: Actually, no. Not unless they were to get everyone on stage for a performance of Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)
2.42PM: Chris: "People who are cynical are, in our minds, pretty stupid". Uh huh.
2.43PM: Fix You. Perhaps someone should, in the vetinary sense, fix Chris, so that there's no chance of him having any more children with which to carry on his legacy of yawnsome music.
2.45PM: Chris has drawn an equals sign on his hand. This, we think, is a reference to the Make Trade Fair campaign. Either that or he's wnating to show that he was a big fan of the DashX character in Eerie, Indiana.
2.48PM: Bye bye Coldplay.
2.49PM: Despite Chris saying that "If the BBC don't show the film, they're not doing their job properly", The BBC promptly didn't show the film, which would presumably be about what the gig's supposed to be all about.
2.50PM: One thing's for sure, based on what we've seen so far, it's definitely not about the music.
2.51PM: Andrew Marr is back again, vaguely going on about mobile phones.
2.52PM: Jonathon is talking about globalisation in a postive way, despite the fact that globalisation is one of the reasons why Africa is getting royally screwed over.
2.53PM: Back to Fearne and the crowd. Her bum appears to be shaped like a box.
2.53PM: Someone down the front: "It's not about the music, it's about making poverty history!", "Yes", said Fearne, quickly moving her microphone to another punter who'd be more likely to say "U2 were brilliant!"
2.55PM: Fearne: "Is it just about the music for you?" Enthusiastic punter: "Yes!"
2.55PM: Jo Whiley, Richard Ashcroft and Coldplay. Ashcroft clearing enjoying the fact that people are, for a brief moment, interested in what he has to say once again.
2.56PM: Little Britain doing Lou and Andy. A pair who are also used to rehashing past successes despite the law of diminishing returns.
2.58PM: Elton John, making with the Peace signs.
2.59PM: We don't recognise this track. Sorry. Maybe he'll do the one about the dead princess later.
3.01PM: Someone in the audience has an Elton John scarf, which they're waving about with gay abandon. This means that there is at least one more person there to see Elton than we thought there'd be.
3.03PM: Oh, it might have been The Bitch is Back, but we're not entirely sure how that goes. Like that. Probably.
3.03PM: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. Is this Elton trying to encite a riot amongst the Make Poverty History marchers in Edinburgh?
3.05PM: Mind you, he'll probably be proved right once everyone tries to get out the gig's carpark simultaneously.
3.08PM: T Rex's Children of the Revolution with Pete Doherty. Blimey.
3.09PM: Who promptly threw a flag over the camera.
3.10PM: He appears to have only a vague grasp of what the words to the song are and is more interested in trying to keep his hat on his head.
3.10PM: Of course, the most impressive thing about his appearence is that, in an event in which everything needs to run like clockwork to get it all together, he actually managed to turn up on time.
3.11PM: As performance's go, it's a bit rubbish, mind.
3.12PM: Jonathon: "It was a bit like Lieutenant Pigeon".
3.13PM: He's with Travis. We're warned that they'll be on in about an hour or so.
3.13PM: Fran could at least have had a shave. It's on the telly for Christ's sake.
3.14PM: Tokyo has just finished their gig, closed by the always lovely Bjork.
3.17PM: Still desperate to fill the gaps between bands actually playing, Jo Whiley is now interviewing Vernon Kay. We don't think that even Vernon Kay's mum is interested in the opinions of Vernon Kay.
3.18PM: Bob Geldof, in his white suit. He's the new Martin Bell!
3.19PM: Bob: "Thanks for coming. It would have been a bit crap if nobody had turned up". If a gig happens and no-one turns up to witness it, is it still mediocore?
3.19PM: Bob is introducing a man who, judging by the lavish praise being heaped upon him, can only be one step below God himself. Who could it be?
3.20PM: Bill Gates?! Jesus fucking wept.
3.21PM: Still, it's funnier than the Little Britain skit.
3.22PM: Bill: "And now I'm pleased to introduce Dido", see what we mean? Comedy gold.
3.22PM: She's doing White Flag. We're beginning to feel like surrendering as well.
3.23PM: Note that we said 'doing' White Flag, as the performance we're witnessing certainly can't be described as 'singing'.
3.26PM: Yousson N'Dour has joined her on stage, looking slightly ashamed to be in her vicinity.
3.27PM: They're doing Thank You. Now with added bongos.
3.28PM: His contribution so far seems to be limited to dancing slightly badly.
3.28PM: Oh, and a call of "New Africa!"
3.29PM: Now he's getting into it! The best thing about his contributions is that they tend to drown out the Dido.
3.30PM: The crowd is demonstrating it's inability to clap in anything approaching a coherent rhythm.
3.32PM: They're now doing Seven Seconds. Dido is no Neneh Cherry.
3.33PM: She's not even an Eagle Eye Cherry for that matter.
3.34PM: Actually, Eagle Eye Cherry, doing Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office). Now that would change the world.
3.35PM: Banner: "Each year 17 million people die from curable diseases". It's not quite "Point your erection in my direction", is it?
3.37PM: That was the longest 15 minutes of our life.
3.38PM: Jonathon and David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Now in their normal clothes. Jonathon is still dressed in a ridculous, comedy fashion, however.
3.40PM: Highlights package which, despite the name, includes footage of Zucherro in Rome and Katherine Jenkins doing Amazing Grace in, admittedly, a lovely dress in Berlin.
3.41PM: More from Eden. Apparently they'll have to endure a Dido set later on as well. Poor them.
3.42PM: Duran Duran giving the crowd what they want to hear in Rome. Assuming that what they wanted to hear wasn't the hits, but the depressing self parody that was Sunrise.
3.43PM: Jo interviewing Nick Mason, presumably because Dave Gilmour and ROger Waters would argue over how much mike time they got if they were being interviewed.
3.43PM: The Stereophonics. We're beginning to think that whoever put this bill together really wanted to make sure that everyone went out and protested, rather than staying in to watch it.
3.44PM: They're doing the Bartender and the Thief. Kelly is wearing shades and they're all wearing leather. Could this be the worst moment in musical history?
3.45PM: No, not while the Dido performance is still fresh in our minds.
3.45PM: Has anyone found a highlight to the gig yet? Mail us and let us know.
3.46PM: Kelly added a bit of Ace of Spades into the song. Lemmy from Motorhead, lest we forget, is a holocaust denying cunt.
3.48PM: Dakota, marred initially by technical difficulties. Though when we say "marred", we mean "briefly improved by the golden hope that they might have to give it up as a bad job and bugger off home".
3.49PM: Occasionally it sounds like it's going to turn into "I Can't Reach You" by Daniel Bedingfield. It's come to something when you start to think that Daniel Bedingfield appearing would be an improvement.
3.51PM: The bored looking kid from the U2 set is now getting over excited for the Stereophonics. We blame the parents.
3.52PM: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, they're now doing Maybe Tomorrow.
3.54PM: To be fair, if we were one of the G8 leaders and we were forced to watch this, we'd accede to any of Geldof's demands, just to make the pain stop.
3.54PM: Local Boy in the Photograph. We quite like this one actually. Sorry.
3.56PM: Worryingly, this is now our best bit. We feel very dirty for saying that. The sort of dirt that won't wash off.
3.59PM: Jeremy Clarkson?! Discussing his back pain with Jonathon Ross? Oh Mr BBC, you really are spoiling us.
4.02PM: Coco Mbassi, live from what looks to be an incredibly sparsely attended gig at the Eden project.
4.03PM: Cut short so that we can find out that Jeremy Clarkson is looking forward to seeing Pink Floyd. Who on earth is making these editorial decisions?
4.04PM: Fearne Cotton talking to Neil Morrisey. It's not explained what he's doing here, though we're quite hopeful it's to perform Can We Fix It later on in the set.
4.05PM: Or Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office)
4.05PM: Ricky Gervais is on stage, heckling a roadie.
4.07PM: He's getting booed for not doing "the dance", despite the fact that it was the least funny thing in The Office.
4.08PM: He did it. It's still not funny.
4.08PM: It's REM. Do Stand!
4.08PM: They're doing Imitation of Life instead. Bastards.
4.09PM: As it's a special occasion, Michael Stipe has dressed as a blue masked avenger. Either that or he started with the eye shadow and just didn't know when to stop.
4.10PM: It matches his shirt though, which shows a certain stylish quality.
4.11PM: Which is, of course, offset by the fact he's got blue bloody paint all over his face.
4.13PM: They're doing Everybody Hurts. Well we never saw that coming.
4.14PM: Still, it still has a certain power when sung in unison by entire field of people.
4.16PM: The hand waving is taking the piss a bit though. If it was later in the evening you just know that half the audience would have their lighters out, on the basis that "That's what you're supposed to do at gigs".
4.17PM: Michael has managed to get the entire audience clapping in time. This is probably the most impressive thing we've ever seen.
4.18PM: Fearne is interviewing Razorlight. Jonny Borrel appears to have developed breasts.
4.19PM: "It's not about nostalgia", says Jonny, getting the politics back in, "It's about a lot of shocking statistics". And the statistic we're most shocked about is his bra size.
4.20PM: Back to REM, half way through Man on the Moon. Michael has said "balls". A valiant effort, but the original event is still more sweary.
4.22PM: He's also undone his jacket. All the better to dance badly with.
4.24PM: Jonathon and Ricky are together, after a dig by Ricky, Jonathon makes it quite clear that he's not being paid for this gig.
4.25PM: Fearne is talking to the Killers. The pink jacket is gone, Brandon is instead sporting an all white suit. Pink is presumably too frivolous for such an event. Dodgy eyeliner, however, is seemingly entirely appropriate.
4.26PM: They've decided that their entire oevre can be summed up with one song, All These Things That I Have Done. They may have a point.
4.29PM: After Ricky slagged off his suit, Jonathon: "I wanted to look a bit colourful, like an african might.". Uh huh.
4.29PM: Kofi Annan is on stage. It's Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office) time!
4.30PM: Kofi: "This is really the United Nations". Hang on, that's not how the lyrics go!
4.31PM: It's Ms Dy-Na-Mi-Tee-Hee!
4.31PM: She wants everyone to wave their hands from side to side. Unfortunately she can't always get what she wants. Mind you, if she tries some time, she might just find, that she gets what she needs.
4.32PM: "Everyone sing along!". Surely a hundred thousand people declaring themselves to be Ms Dynamite-hee is just going to cause chaos as they all attempt to take advantage of the backstage privliedges awarded to a star of her calibre.
4.33PM: Such as a dairylea triangle and directions to a toilet.
4.34PM: She seems really excited to be there. But then, it's not like there'll be another chance for her to perform to this many people again.
4.34PM: She's giving it a bit of politics from the stage, and fair play to her.
4.35PM: Redemption Song, and sounding rather good as well.
4.38PM: Graham Norton in Philly, discussing the atmosphere at their gig. The mosh pit there is apparently all seated.
4.41PM: Round the concerts, without actually bothering to tell us who's playing. Germany had some Garbage esque band by the looks of it, Rome had Anastasia's mum doing Another Little Piece of My Heart, and we have no idea what was going on in Paris.
4.42PM: Fearne is interviewing Paul McCartney. It was more interesting when she was interviewing random punters from the audience.
4.43PM: Announcer: "Is everyone happy?!", the audience cheered enthusiastically. "Well this'll make you happier! It's Keane!", he lied.
4.44PM: Tom came on and screamed "Live 8", drawing attention to himself for reasons best known to himself.
4.45PM: They're doing Somwhere Only We Know, which reminds us why we were quite keen (arf!) on Keane in the first place.
4.48PM: Now they're doing Bedshaped, which reminds us why we went off them and decided that they were of about as much interest as a brand new dishcloth.
4.51PM: He also mentioned the names which were scrolling behind them, which are the names of random people who have texted in - or joined up on-line - to get their name on the petition which will be handed to the G8 leaders to let them know that the British public reckon poverty's a bit of a bad thing and they'll even sign their name to make their point across, which we're sure will have the leaders shaking in their boots. We're keeping an eye out for Amanda Hugankiss and Homer Sexual.
4.53PM: Jo's interviewing Ms Dynamite. It was "Amazing", she says. Thanks for that!
4.54PM: Jonathon is with the Stereophonics and described their set as "blinding". Which it was, in the sense it made you want to gouge out your own eyes.
4.56PM: We're going round the country, seeing some of the big screens which are broadcasting the concert to various members of the public. Or, to put it another way, we're watching people watching telly, on telly. It mainly demonstrated the ability of people to act like twats when a TV camera is pointed at them.
5.00PM: Geldof is back on stage. "There are over 3 billion people watching you at this minute", is the a record for the amount of people who have been simultaneously dissappointed?
5.01PM: Will Smith is opening the Philly gig. "Bigger than the Olympics", he says. Which is probably true, although the Olympics tends to have more winners.
5.02PM: Philly says hello to London. London says "Top o the morning" to Rome. Rome says hello to Berlin. Berlin says hello to Paris. Paris says hello to Ontario and Ontario says "wassup" to Philly. Isn't that friendly? We're not sure what Russia would have said to anyone if they'd been asked.
5.04PM: Will's telling us that every 3 seconds a kid dies due to problems caused by poverty. This is true, but he's going to have a hard time leading into Miami after that mood killer.
5.07PM: He's trying to get the entire audience around the world to click their fingers in time to the 3 second thing. Given that it's an impossible task to get one row of people at a gig to clap in time, we reckon that this is a somewhat over ambitious and futile task.
5.08PM: Travis. Yuk.
5.09PM: They're doing Sing, despite the fact that this is the last word that's on your mind when confronted with Fran Healy.
5.12PM: They're doing Sing again. What? No, wait, sorry. Apparently it's Side they're doing now. It's very hard to tell.
5.16PM: They're inserted a brief cover of Stayin' Alive with 'hilarious' falsetto's. And surely it's in somewhat poor taste to be doing a song with that title as part of a gig designed to cut down on infant deaths?
5.17PM: Claimed to be wearing really tight pants to hit the high notes. To prove this point he then pulled out a pair of Make Poverty History pants from the back of his trousers to prove his point. The world of comedy's loss is, well, the world of music's loss as well.
5.18PM: Why Does it Always Rain on Me? Because you're a whiney git with all the charm of a junk yard and the musical talent of a man with hammers for hands. You should count yourself lucky you've not been struck by lightening.
5.22PM: The video backdrop appears to be showing areas of Africa hit by drought. Are they taking the piss?
5.23PM: Bob's back!
5.23PM: And he's going to do a song! Is it the Great Song of Indifference?
5.24PM: Is it buggery, it's I Don't Like Mondays.
5.24PM: He also appears to be getting the biggest sing-a-long of the day so far.
5.26PM: Last time he did this he paused for an age after the "Lesson today is how to die" line. He's doing exactly the same thing this time around, with his fist raised, much in the manner of a broken down robot.
5.28PM: Presumably once poverty is eradicated, he'll be throwing his weight behind the Make Mondays History campaign.
5.29PM: Midge Ure on Bob's I Don't Like Mondays: "That was dreadful!"
5.30PM: He's now rushing off from his interview with Fearne to try and get on stage to do If I Was, whether the audience like it or not.
5.31PM: Jonathon: "You can press red to see the other concerts from around the world". We did this and our telly switched off. Arf!
5.32PM: George Aligiah is now having a chat with Jonathon. Seemingly half the BBC News room are here, which leads us to wonder who's going to be putting together tonight's bulletin; the cleaning staff?
5.35PM: Remember, if you'd like to get 'interactive', you can e-mail your thoughts to talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com and we'll publish a selection later on this evening.
5.36PM: It's Brad Pitt! And he's being simultaneously wolf-whistled by at least one third of the audience!
5.37PM: He's getting political, but we reckon that most people aren't listening to him and more wondering what the fuck he's done to his hair.
5.38PM: Oh for fuck's sake, it's Annie Lennox. And she's looking virtually identical to Brad Pitt.
5.40PM: And she's mirroring the thoughts of the nation by performing Why? It's a stripped down version with just a piano which, let's face it, just doesn't compare with DJ Sammy's recent tranced up version.
5.44PM: Annie: "The issues can no longer be ignored", unlike Annie herself, of course, who's quite easy to ignore. We're finding it quite easy to pretend she isn't happening.
5.45PM: Little Bird, now with a full band. You know, thinking about it, it's quite good of the organisers to put Annie on at tea time, as it allows everyone there to head off to the burger van to get some food, safe in the knowledge that they're not actually going to miss anything good.
5.49PM: Ah, a bit of Sweet Dreams, this might actually be good.
5.50PM: Mind you, we preferred Thorn in My Side.
5.51PM: And When Tomorrow Comes, for that matter.
5.52PM: She's also doing some bad dancing, which seems to be a recurring theme throughout the day's events.
5.53PM: In Philadelphia, we have the Black Eyed Peas. With the same sort of imagination that informed the choosing of the bill, they're doing Where is the Love?
5.54PM: You see if, like U2, they chose to let some peace birds fly free during their set, we could have made a "Where is the dove?" joke.
5.55PM: But they haven't, so it's a missed opportunity.
5.56PM: There's apparently 1 and a half million people at the Philly gig. We reckon that at least 1 million, four hundred thousand of them have a really shit view.
5.57PM: Still no doves :(
5.58PM: You see, this thing has got us questioning, "Where were the doves?"
5.58PM: Green Day doing American Idiot in Berlin. We feel sorry for the Germans.
6.01PM: Now he's said 'Germany', in German. And there was a 'fuck' as well. Truely punk lives, though not anywhere near Green Day's neighbourhood, naturally.
6.03PM: Fearne is speaking to Davina. They're discussing open sewers, though ones in the slums of Nairobi, rather than that which appears to be located in the centre of the stage.
6.05PM: It's UB40! Normally we'd take the piss, but after Annie Lennox they seem like the best band to have ever graced a stage in the history of music.
6.07PM: There's a bit of skanking going on as they do Ivory Madonna, taking the quite brave step of doing a song that your average punter there will not particulary care much about hearing, although it's lyrical message does at least resonate with the whole point of the event.
6.10PM: Drummers! It's bringing back bad memories of this year's Eurovision.
6.11PM: At least we can still remember this year's Eurovision, however, we can't see ourselves having any memories of this event in minutes to come, let alone months.
6.12PM: But not missing the opportunity to do a bit of plugging, we get Reasons from their new album, which then segues into a song the audience might want to hear, Red Red Wine.
6.13PM: Paul McCartney can be seen at the side of the stage, bobbing his head and getting into it. Though this shouldn't be seen as a mark of quality as remember, Paul McCartney is a man who likes Paul McCartney songs.
6.15PM: I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. From, of course, the film which was widely hailed by critics to be the greatest film ever made about surveilience cameras in a block of flats starring Sharon Stone, Sliver.
6.19PM: Jonathan: "Nothing kicks off a party like UB40". No, nothing gets you kicked out of a party like UB40.
6.19PM: Jonathan's now with Annie Lennox. She's telling him all about her time in Africa, video of which was used as the backdrop for her earlier performance.
6.23PM: Fearne is with Robbie Williams. He's less interested in talking about the political side of the whole event in favour of playing his irritating and long in the tooth "cheeky chappy" role.
6.24PM: Robbie reckons Fearne "is blossoming as a woman".
6.25PM: Robbie: "Why don't we just get it on now in front of the cameras". Oh, Robbie, you're definitely not over compensating, are you?
6.25PM: It's Beyonce in Philedelphia! Doing Say My Name, despite the fact that we thought Destiny's Child were on the bill themselves. Interesting.
6.27PM: Though not that interesting, obviously.
6.28PM: Perhaps the others are too busy rehearsing for the worldwide performance of Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office) which will be the culmination of the day's events.
6.30PM: It's Snoop Dogg f'shizzle! And he's swearing like a motherfucking trooper!
6.31PM: We reckon that this is probably going to achieve a world record for the most times "motherfucker" has been broadcast on the BBC, let alone broadcast at teatime.
6.32PM: He's doing a medley of various tracks, currently running through Drop it Like it's Hot.
6.34PM: Of course, no matter how foul mouthed he might be, it's hard to take it seriously when he's got such cute little pigtails.
6.35PM: Snoop: "Make some motherfucking noise!", and we're sure the Beeb's duty log will be filled with noise about the motherfucking tomorrow.
6.36PM: A bit of Signs, though without Justin actually being there.
6.36PM: Posh and Becks are side of stage, enjoying the Doggfather. We still think she should be on the stage, though only if she has the other four girls with her. Not on her own. Definitely not on her own.
6.38PM: He's also got four dancing girls on stage in remarkably short skirts, with the evening drawing in they'll be risking catching a chill.
6.39PM: Snoop: "What's my name?!" The crowd definitely know what it motherfucking is by now. And quite right too.
6.40PM: The dancing girls have put a pair of jeans on now. Very practical of them, their dads will be proud. Or, at least, they would be if they stopped with the vaguely suggestive dance moves as well.
6.42PM: More call and response, making sure that the handful of people in the audience who might not have grasped it, know exactly who he is.
6.43PM: Goodbye Snoop, and We believe we have the first genuine highlight of the day.
6.44PM: Bon Jovi in Philadelphia and he's doing Living on a Prayer while dressed as a vaguely trendy secondary school teacher.
6.45PM: Moral Code in Moscow. Fronted by one of Goldie Lookin' Chain's grandads.
6.45PM: Bryan Adams in Canada. We dunno what song he's doing, but it's not Summer of '69 so we don't really care.
6.46PM: Brian Wilson in Berlin, doing California Girls at apparently half the tempo we remember the song going.
6.46PM: Jo Whiley is interviewing Chris Moyles. The only way this interview could be marginally less interesting would be if Jo Whiley wasn't there, which isn't a statement that you can say very often.
6.47PM: Chris revealed he was wearing Make Poverty History pants. There are some things that we'd be much happier not knowing. No cause is worth seeing that.
6.50PM: Duran Duran doing the rather gorgeous Ordinary World. We'll let them off the performance of Sunrise we saw earlier.
6.51PM: Cut short as Razorlight take the stage in Hyde Park. Jonny Borrel is wearing a furry deerstalker.
6.52PM: Somewhere Else, appropriately enough as we wish they were somewhere else as well. And yes, we know we've used that joke before, but if they can't be bothered coming up with an original idea, why should we?
6.55PM: Judging by the expression in his eyes, Jonny actually is somewhere else.
6.56PM: Jonny reckons that making a lot of noise is the best way of making things happen. Sure, making a lot of noise'll get you noticed, but it's worth making sure you actually say something woreth hearing and not just a vague decleration of unhappiness with the world situation.
6.57PM: Golden Touch, which was written about one of the Queens of Noize. We saw the Queens of Noize DJing once. There job consisted of playing one song, waiting until it stopped, then putting on another one, all the while dancing badly. We regularly do that in the privacy of our own home, but we've never thought that we should get paid for it. Mind you, we've not shagged any minor indie stars either.
6.58PM: There's a small choir added for the song, which does dramatically improve the song. Mind you, anything that distracts from Jonny tends to help out Razorlight songs.
7.00PM: We don't recognise this track off hand. We'd apologise, but we're not too ashamed at having a lack of Razorlight knowledge.
7.00PM: It does mean that Jonny has taken his shirt off, only 3 songs into the set. This is quicker than even Usher would do it.
7.01PM: Without his shirt on, his breasts are less impressive. We reckon there must be some sort of support garment built into his vest.
7.02PM: Jonny: "All you need is love, Lennon said that; Music can change the world, Bono said that; Sign the fucking petition, I said that", We don't think the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations needs to worry about stoping the presses just yet.
7.03PM: Announcer: "Bob's coming on cause Bob wants to show you something". We're scared.
7.05PM: A filmic reminder of why Band Aid was started up in the first place, which the BBC are actually showing in full this time, though this is probably less down to a desire to remind people of why the event is happening, and more to do with Jonathan getting fed up having to fill by making inane conversation with C list guests.
7.09PM: One of the children from the original VT, now a grown woman, is taken on stage to show all the cynics, hello, that it can make a difference. She gets a impressive round of applause for what, in this country, is the relatively easy task of not having not died. But hooray for Bob!
7.11PM: It's Madonna! She hugs the girl and is looking confused as if she's not sure what she should be doing.
7.12PM: Madonna: "Are you ready to start a revolution? Are you ready to change history?!", which would have been fair enough, had she not treated it like she'd just asked them if they'd been having a good time, by saying "I can't hear you!". She was one step away from dividing the crowd down the middle to find out which side wants to start a revolution the most.
7.13PM: Like a Prayer! One of two Madonna songs that we actually think is pretty damned decent! Although she's doing it a bit slowly for our liking.
7.16PM: Way back in the crowd is someone holding a banner declaring "Madonna! I'm your number one fan!". Though not a big enough fan to actually put in the effort required to get down to the front.
7.17PM: OK, now do Dear Jessie and we may love you forever.
7.18PM: Madonna: "Are you fucking ready, London", "Yes!", cries out London, desperate to hear her do Dear Jessie, and what does she do? Ray of Sodding Light.
7.19PM: Still, at least it's not American Life.
7.21PM: More bad dancing. Essentially her moves show what would happen if you let your mum drink a whole bottle of gin and then played one of her favourite records.
7.22PM: Though the odds of this being one of her favourite records are somewhat slim.
7.23PM: Some breakdancers have come on stage. Either that or the BBC is fed up with all the swearing and has decided to try and cut the show short by doing one of their idents live on stage.
7.24PM: Madonna: "Do you want some more?" We're not sure, the intro playing as she asks this doesn't sound a lot like Dear Jessie to us and we're not that fussed about the rest of your back catlogue.
7.24PM: Music. Remember, for the video for this, she thought that having Ali G in the video was a good idea. This is worth remembering next time someone suggests that Madge is cutting edge.
7.28PM: Now all the choir are dancing with her. It looks quite cool, it's just a shame they're not dancing to a better tune.
7.30PM: She's rather agressively getting the audience to clap along to the outro of the song, even going so far as to call them fuckers. She's dragging it out far longer than even the most rabid Madonna fan would enjoy.
7.30PM: Remember, if you want to get 'interactive' you can e-mail your thoughts and opinions on the day to talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com and we'll publish a selection later on this evening.
7.32PM: Fearne is talking to the audience again, they all seem to have loved Madonna.
7.32PM: Fearne: "Why are you here?" Audience member: "To meet you, Fearne", "But the whole Make Poverty History thing?", "No, just to meet you".
7.34PM: For fuck's sake! More fucking Dido. It's her and Yousson N'Dour doing Seven Seconds again. This time from the Eden Project. Unsurprisingly, she hasn't suddenly become talented in the period since we last saw her.
7.35PM: In Paris nothing is happening, it seems.
7.35PM: Pet Shop Boys in Moscow! Hooray! Seemingly the outro to Where The Streets Have No Name. But we only get thirty seconds or so, before rushing off rather pointlessly to Berlin to see A-Ha do a song which isn't Take on Me.
7.37PM: To Philadelphia where The Dave Matthews Band appear to be tuning up. This is marginally more interesting than actually watching the Dave Matthews Band play a gig.
7.38PM: To Rome, where Nek are playing. Impressively every single gig we've gone to in this segment, the band playing have just been finishing their songs. Well done!
7.38PM: An aerial crowd shot, which does leave you wondering why, other than saying "I was there", a lot of people have gone, as they'll be so far back you'd be as well watching it on the telly
7.40PM: Jo is interviewing Madonna. What we've learnt is that, until Geldof got in touch with her, she was one of the few people in the world unaware that poverty was a bad thing. This is an impressive level of ignorance.
7.43PM: She's still going on. We preferred it when Jonathan was talking to Jeremy Clarkson.
7.44PM: Snow Patrol, who'll prove to be a comfort blanket for those who arrived too late to see the real Coldplay have taken the stage. They're doing Chocolate. Hopefully of the fair trade variety. Arf!
7.46PM: Clearly they're a natural support band as even on a gig like this, they're asking the crowd how they feel about the band following them in a bid to win favour.
7.47PM: They're doing Run. The truely upset about missing Coldplay can now ease their pain by singing along to it with the words for Yellow.
7.50PM: An audience member is either singing along to the song with all his heart or is threatening a camera man. It's hard to tell.
7.52PM: Jonathan is with Jimmy Carr, who declares the event to be the best thing ever. He really is a funny man.
7.53PM: We're seeing some dancing Brummies at the big screen there. It's not quite what you'd call televisual gold.
7.55PM: Fearne has accosted Snow Patrol just as they've come of stage. They had about as much of interest to say as you'd expect.
7.56PM: A stage shot. They're keeping the audience entertained by showing Green Day from Berlin. It's enough to make you want Snow Patrol back on stage.
7.58PM: The Killers. No matter what you say about it, when it comes right down to it, they're all white. Arf!
7.58PM: As promised they're doing All These Things That I Have Done.
7.59PM: If they get a choir in for the finale, we reckon that this could be, as they say, 'a moment'.
8.02PM: There's a choir! Hooray!
8.02PM: Except thir mikes aren't working. Boo!
8.02PM: Oh well, what a missed opportunity. The 6 person choir appears to be the same one that turned up to try and make Razorlight halfway listenable to and are presumably not only availiable for weddings, funerals and barmitzvahs, but also any band on site who wishes to avail themselves of their services.
8.04PM: Brandon introduces Martin Luther King, presumably on screen as while there's a lot of grave digging going on with some of the line-up, they've managed to resist doing it literally.
8.05PM: Another chance to see Paul and U2 do Sgt Peppers. Of course, the fact that it's a once in a lifetime performance doesn't mean that it was actually any good.
8.07PM: Katherine Jenkins, last seen in Berlin wearing a nice dress and doing Amazing Grace, has turned up in the UK to be interviewed by Jo Whiley. Jo: "What was it like in Berlin?" Katherine: "No idea, I was on early and had to run off and get a flight to the UK".
8.10PM: Jonathon introduced Brian Wilson doing Good Vibrations by making allusion to the fact that, what with his precarious mental state, he probably wasn't even aware he was performing in Phialdelphia. This is quite like, which with Brian doing his stuff in Berlin.
8.12PM: Joss Stone who's following Katherine Jenkin's lead by wearing a lovely dress, though not, thankfully, by doing Amazing Grace, has taken to the stage. She's opening with Supa Dupa Love.
8.14PM: Earlier this week Joss hit out at those who'be been carping at the bands playing these gigs and suggesting that, if they want to solve the problem, they should just donate part of their earnings to the cause, what with them being a bit on the rich side. She said ""Hand on my heart, I'm so far from that (filthy rich) it ain't true. Someone needs to tell me where the money is because I cannot find the shit. I mean, I was like 'Please - where the hell is it?' I have bought one thing for myself - a white Lexus and it's gorgeous. But that's all I've bought.". We're sure she had a point when she opened her mouth, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside by the time she actually started speaking.
8.18PM: A song we guess is called I Had a Dream Last Night. It's quite dull, but never mind, it really is a lovely dress.
8.20PM: Some Kind of Wonderful? Whatever, it's better than the last one, and she's certainly giving it her all, demanding a witness and shaking all the bits of her body which are even vaguely shakeable.
8.23PM: Banner: "Bollocks to Poverty". Had that been the official slogan, we doubt they'd have been able to market themselves as strongly to the childrens market.
8.24PM: Goodbye Joss. But more importantly goodbye to her dress. We'll never see it's like again.
8.25PM: Jonathan and Peter Kay. Jonathan: "What's been your highlight?" Peter: "..."
8.25PM: Fearne interviewing Peaches Geldof. Peaches: "It's much better than paying to go to a concert!"
8.26PM: Fearne: "Who have you bumped into backstage", Peaches: "My sister"
8.27PM: Back to Philly, were Will Smith is doing Summertime. With any luck he'll follow it up with a bit of Boom! Shake the Room!
8.30PM: Apparently not. Oh well.
8.31PM: The Scissor Sisters!
8.32PM: Opening with Laura and all dressed in white, except for Ana who's opted for a blue dress. Lovely though it is, it is less lovely than Joss's.
8.36PM: Ana: "At this moment in time we just wanna say 'hi' to our moms, 'Hi Mom!'"
8.37PM: Jake has lost his hat for a quick romp through Take Your Mama Out. We reckon he'll have lost his waistcoat by the time we get to Comfortably Numb.
8.38PM: Ooh! Wouldn't it be ace if The Scissor Sisters close with Comfortably Numb to be followed by Pink Floyd doing the original?
8.40PM: Actually, and it somewhat pains us to say this, The Scissor Sisters do seem to be kinda going through the motions. Of course, even them going through the motions is a hell of a lot better than most bands in the world, but we had hoped they'd take the stage more by storm, rather than the slightly damp drizzle they've gone for.
8.42PM: A new Scissor Sisters song!
8.43PM: And it's a bit like Better Luck Next Time, only not as good :(
8.45PM: It might be a grower though, and Ana is doing some nice tambourine action, so we won't dismiss it straight off. The "What is it that you want/ What is it that you give" bit is pretty good, even if it's putting us in mind of the "I got soul but I'm not a soldier" bit from All These Things That I Have Done.
8.47PM: Jake managed to keep his waistcoat on. This may be a unique occurence in Scissor Sisters live history.
8.48PM: Joss is now with Jonathan and, for some reason, Peter Kaye who hasn't shifted from the sofa. She's still wearing her lovely dress. Sigh.
8.48PM: Peter asked Joss when she sold her soul to the devil. Joss is now keeping as far from him as she possibly can on a very small sofa.
8.49PM: Craig David is doing Fill Me In in Paris. Craig should really think before asking people to fill him in as, depending on the agression factor of the person he's asking, he'll either get a punch, or be told exactly why he's shit.
8.52PM: as we'd be in the latter camp, exhibit A would be the rap we just witnessed.
8.54PM:Christ on a bike, it's Velvet Revolver, apparenlty fronted by Captain Sensible and with Jerry Sadowitz on guitar.
8.55PM: Don't expect us to know any of the song titles for this set, by the way. We daily mourn the lack of new Daphne and Celeste material: this isn't quite our bag.
8.56PM: Though we would like to offer our bag to the band, mainly so that they could wear it as they're easily the ugliest band on stage so far.
8.57PM: And yes, we do remember that Keane were on earlier today.
8.59PM: Singerblokey: "It's not just a rock show, it's music and more". With some of the bands on today, we're not even sure it's music.
9.00PM: Fall to Pieces, assuming we trust the singer and, given his somewhat dubious attitude in matters sartorial, we wouldn't trust him to tell us his own name, whatever that might be.
9.05PM: Singerblokey has taken his shirt off, and is demonstrating the sort of dancing which makes you think that maybe Logan's Run contained some good ideas.
9.08PM: Make Guitar Solos History
9.10PM: A lot of the audience are making devil hand signs. If Velvet Revolver go on much longer, the rest will be making for the exits.
9.11PM: Singerblokey has a megaphone with a siren. He seems bizarrely proud of his ability to switch it on and hold his microphone next to it.
9.12PM: They've left. Thank fuck for that!
9.12PM: Paul McCartney is on the sofa with Jonathan. Paul's favourite act of the day was Annie Lennox. This says a lot.
9.14PM: Of course, the worst thing abojut this revelation is that they're taking the opportunity to show Annie again. At least it's Sweet Dreams, but still, it's still ANNIE LENNOX.
9.16PM: Fearne is talking to Velvet Revolver. Poor Fearne. We're not sure what singerblokey is looking at in the middle distance, but it's certainly not the girl interviewing him.
9.20PM: Lenny Henry is on stage, being quite funny for the first time since... well, ever.
9.22PM: Fucking Sting.
9.22PM: He's wearing a suit, so we should at least be spared the sight of him taking his top off.
9.22PM: Message in a Bottle. We're going to drift off now and imagine Sting trapped on a desert island with, and this is very important, no access to any recording equipment whatsoever.
9.24PM: Shhh! We're still imagining it.
9.26PM: "Well, you can swim for it if you like, but these are shark infested waters"
9.27PM: "Oh, and guess what, the land's shark infested as well.
9.28PM: "And so's the sky"
9.30PM: Driven to Tears. The song he's doing that is, not what he's done to us.
9.32PM: Every Breath You Take which, as we said earlier, features the lyrical change of "We'll be watching you". Just in case this somewhat hamfisted point isn't quite made clearly enough, the backdrop features the faces of all the G8 leaders.
9.36PM: Goodbye Sting. Buzz off, in fact.
9.37PM: Andrew Marr is back! He's not even wearing a tie! Next time we see him he'll probably be drinking from a bottle of beer and asking if he can have a shot on the karaoke.
9.39PM: He'd do a great version of Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office) as well.
9.39PM: Jo is with the Scissor Sisters, they still seem somewhat overwhelmed by the occasion.
9.40PM: Jake is making up for having not taken his waistcoat off while on stage and is wearing a shirt slashed to the waist.
9.41PM: Dawn French is on stage. She's not being very funny, which is exactly as expected.
9.42PM: It's Mariah Carey! Or it would be if she actually got on stage.
9.43PM: She's here now. Well, either her or a hamster in a minidress has turned up to entertain us with Make it Happen.
9.45PM: Of course, 'entertain' is a somewhat loose concept when Mariah Carey is involved.
9.46PM: She's got some dancing African orphans on stage. And to think it's people like us who get accused of being cynical.
9.49PM: She picked out her 'favourite' to try and get him to say "Hi". Indeed, so much was he her favourite, that she couldn't even recognise him in the crowd.
9.50PM: She's doing Hero, which she dedicated to the orphan kids behind her. She's turned around to smile at them in a look designed to mix concern with love. We're beginning to feel rather ill.
9.53PM: She's coming to then end now, and is looking very smug and full of herself. This shows an astonishing lack of awareness of what she's just done.
9.54PM: In fact, it's a similar sort of expression that would be seen on a small child who's just finished her potty training.
9.55PM: And now a quick plug for the new single, We Belong Together. The African kids have buggered off for that, this is serious.
9.57PM: Posh Spice is getting into this one.
9.57PM: Either there's a slight delay between the sound and the pictures, or Miss Carey is miming this one...
9.58PM: Jonathan is now joined by John McEnroe for reasons which we doubt we'll ever understand.
10.00PM: Over to Romw where an old man is singing to a young woman, destroying all stereotypes that we might have.
10.01PM: In Canada a man in a plastic hat is singing. Suddenly we feel blessed to have had the London gig.
10.02PM: And to Cornwall, where some scantily clad women are dancing. Suddenly we feel cursed to have had the London gig.
10.02PM: Jo is chatting with Lenny Henry who's plugging the Edinburgh gig, mainly by doing terrible impersonations of all the acts on there.
10.04PM: It's David Beckham: "It's the most historical day I have ever been involved in". He really does have a way with words, just like One True Voice.
10.05PM: It's Robbie! Well if we've not got a Spice Girls reunion, maybe the big surprise will be a Take That one?
10.06PM: No.
10.07PM: He's doing We Will Rock You, which is about as predictable as the Guess The Polar Bear's Colour game.
10.07PM: Still, it did kinda work, especially after having been here for 8 hours where we'll grab pretty much any entertainment we can.
10.08PM: He's doing Let Me Entertain You, which is still very ace.
10.08PM: There is a girl in the front row who, at the start of the gig, was wearing a Union Jack bikini and giving it laldy for U2 and Paul McCartney. Now, despite the evening sun having gone down and the night time chills entering the air, she is still wearing naught but a Union Jack bikini and is still giving it laldy. Though, to be fair, if you were wearing naught but a Union Jack bikini in the chill of the night, youtoo would be giving it laldy, just in a desperate bid to keep warm.
10.10PM: It pains us to say this as well, but Robbie is doing a grand job and storming it, now adding in the refrain from All These Things That I Have Done into Let Me Entertaion You.
10.13PM: He tried to get an acapella crowd sing along to Feel, which came to a bit of a grinding halt when he realised that the crowd didn't actually know the words, so he's doing a 'proper' version of it now.
10.17PM: Angels next?
10.18PM: Yup :(
10.18PM: Of course, it is the best song of the last 25 years, lest we forget. And we all know we can always trust people who vote in phone polls for Brit awards.
10.18PM: He's come down from the stage and is pressing the flesh of those in the front row.
10.19PM: It's not yet known if he pressed the flesh of the girl in the Union Jack bikini and, if he did, exactly what flesh he pressed.
10.20PM: We really want to fault him, but annoyingly we can't. We might not be a great fan of his music, but there's no denying that, when he's on form, he genuinely can be the consumate showman. When he's off centre, he's just an annoying prick, but it's pretty obvious that, for the majority of the audience, this moment will be the highlight of the gig, and while we'd personally disagree, we wouldn't argue too long and hard about their choice as he really did show his star quality tonight.
10.25PM: Peter Kay is on stage, attempting to lead the crowd in a sing-a-long of Amarillo.
10.26PM: And after a few false starts they've made it. Despite the fact it was number one for what seemed like an eternity, the audience do seem somewhat unsure of the actual words.
10.27PM: Peter is also heckling the roadies, so we've returned to the BBC pod where a surprise guest has appeared. Unfortunately, while this could have been quite exciting, it turns out to be George Michael :(
10.32PM: Peter is still getting the crowd to sing Amarillo. We hope he's not planning on staying there all night until they get it right.
10.33PM: He 'hilariously' falsely announced the Spice Girls. In actual fact, it's The Who. Quite.
10.34PM: They open with Who Are You. It took Pete Townsend 5 seconds to do his first windmill.
10.36PM: The role of Roger Daltrey is being played by the same bloke who plays George's Dad in Seinfeld.
10.37PM: Again, we have pictures of the G8 leaders behind the band, just in case the amazing quality of the gig, ahem, has made you forget why everyone's gathered together.
10.39PM: Blimey! How long does this song go on for!
10.40PM: Ah, that long.
10.40PM: Won't Get Fooled Again. Or, in Pete Townsend's case, Won't use my credit card to download child porn again.
10.43PM: Sounding pretty good though, in a Later... with Jools Holland kinda way that is.
10.45PM: And how long does this one go on for? We forget that one of the problemd with music from 'the past' is the fact that it doesn't sit well with the drastically shortened 21st century attention span.
10.46PM: And now we're soloing. We could be here for a while.
10.47PM: Still soloing.
10.48PM: The guitars have stopped, now it's just keys.
10.48PM: No wait, now the guitars, drums are back and Daltrey has screamed into the mike.
10.49PM: And that's it. Finally!
10.49PM: We preferred it when Christopher Eccleston was in the lead role.
10.50PM: Jo and Fearne have joined Jonathan in the BBC Pod. Fearne is wearing a Who t-shirt and, if you believe Jonathan, she represents the youth of the nation.
10.51PM: Nelson Mandella has been speaking at the Live 8 gig in Johannesburg. He said "You're a naughty, naughty, woman woman woman. I'm a naughty, naughty, naughty man. You're a naughty, naughty, woman, woman, woman. I'll do anything, you'll do anything too"
10.54PM: Faithless in Berlin, doing We Come 1. Maxi Jazz is indulging in a bit of call and response with the crowd. He's calling "Come back!" and they're responding "Not bloody likely!"
10.57PM: Roxy Music, also in Berlin, doing Love is the Drug. They have an attractive girl on the old percussion. We like her bongos.
10.59PM: They also have a couple of show girls hanging around the drumkit, presumably thinking, not entirely unreasonably, that Bryan Ferry in a suit isn't the greatest visual spectacle the world has ever seen.
11.00PM: Percussionist girl also has a nice cowbell.
11.02PM: It's Pink Floyd! Possibly the oldest men on site, if not the world! They're opening with Breathe and have shots of the Animals pig floating around Battersea power station for their backdrop.
11.04PM: Dave and Roger aren't even that far apart on the stage. And Roger is even smiling. Dave's still looking like a grumpy sod though.
11.06PM: And now Money, which they may well be gritting their teeth and thinking of, what with the likely boost to back catalogue sales that this gig is likely to bring.
11.08PM: They even smiled at each other! Who knows, With the improbablity of this whole situation we now wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they announced Syd as a special guest and did See Emily Play.
11.10PM: Dave is gurning like a good one, showing the unattractive side of guitar soloing. Of course, we're not exactly convinced that the attractive side of guitar soloing actually exists.
11.13PM: No Syd, but a cover of Wish You Were Here dedicated both to him and to everyone else who couldn't be here. Though most people were excluded due to Hyde Park being unable to hold 56,000,000 people and still satisfy fire safety regulations.
11.16PM: There's something quite touching about watching Dave and Roger duet on the track. It would bring a tear to the eye of even the hardest soul. Though only if said soul was particularly emotionally attatched to the prospect of a Pink Floyd reunion.
11.17PM: Comfortable Numb, sounding like the Scissor Sisters version never happened. Which, to be fair, in Pink Floyd world, it probably didn't.
11.23PM: Behind the Floyd, the backdrop features the Wall artwork, with Make Poverty History written upon it in the font from that period. This means that they, or at least people involved with the band have actually put a bit of effort in.
11.24PM: Dave, Roger, Nick and Rick, all hugging each other. Awww!
11.25PM: But no Another Brick in the Wall Part II. Oh well.
11.25PM: Only Paul McCartney left to go. We don't think we'll ever be so glad to see him on a stage.
11.27PM: We're seeing the highlights of the day. Apparently this doesn't consist, as you or us might think, of the Snoop Dogg performance in it's entirety and nothing else. It does, however, include Dido and Yousson N'Dour. Someone's got their priorities screwed up somewhere.
11.31PM: Jonathon, Fearne and Jo are discussing their favourite moments. Jo, despite all the evidence to the contrary, said Keane and Snow Patrol.
11.32PM: The fireworks to end the Eden Project gig included the world's biggest catherine wheel and two humans that were set on fire. Apparently.
11.35PM: Stevie Wonder in Philadelphia. He's looking rather jowly these days, but we guess that's what sitting at a piano for a large part of your working career does to you.
11.37PM: And our last act of the evening, introduced by Geldof, it's Paul McCartney.
11.38PM: Desoute it clearly being well past his bedtime, Paul is looking quite alert, with it, and ready to rock in an unassuming and safe style. He opens with Get Back.
11.40PM: "Do you wanna get back?" he asks the crowd, slightly meaninglessly, "I wannt get back! Get Back!"
11.43PM: Baby, You Can Drive My Car. With George Michael, whose microphone seems to be barely turned up above a (careless) whisper. This is a good thing.
11.44PM: Sinitta's GTO covers similar ground to this and is, quite frankly, a far better song.
11.45PM: "Do you want to rock some more? I want to rock some more". We weren't aware he'd even started to rock.
11.46PM: Helter Skelter. Given that today has seen something of a trend towards artists fitting other songs into their own repertois, we'd be really happy if Paul was to fit in a quick blast of the Jamie and his Magic Torch theme into this.
11.51PM: The Long and Winding Road, a cover of the Will Young and Gareth Gates classic.
11.54PM: Which segued into the "Na-na-na" bit of Hey Jude, and every artist who hasn't had any other engagements comes out to sing. Presumably this was chosen as everybody should know the words, and those that don't would be able to learn them pretty quickly. Even if they do have the brain cells of a rock star.
11.57PM: Of course, as finales go, it's not quite up there with having everyone do Naughty Christmas (Goblin in the Office), though we reckon that there's probably less people that know the words to that one.
11.58PM: Even Keith Allen has probably forgotten them.
11.58PM: We could certainly understand if he did want to forget about that whole period of his life.
11.59PM: Bob: "What a night! What a day!", What a crock of shit!
11.59PM: And again with another blast of the Hey Jude Na-Na's. It's one of those songs that, what with it lacking a natural ending, once it's started, it's kinda hard to stop. People will make na-na's of themselves all night if they want to.
12.01AM: A bald man, who we presume is Harvey Goldsmith, is telling us all to be careful when going home. This isn't much of a concern for us.
12.02AM: So it's goodbye from Fearne, Jo, Michael Buerke and Jonathan, as we cross to Philly to see the Kaiser Chiefs doing I Predict a Riot.
12.03AM: And it's goodbye from us as well! As while we're somewhat tempted to stay up and cover the Philly concert as well, we have spent the last 11 hours sitting in a chair, watching telly and writing and we feel if we stay here much longer our body may well begin to atrophy. Whether you've stuck with us throughout the day, or have been dipping in out, then thanks! We'll be doing an overview of the whole event tomorrow where we will publish your comments on the day. If you'd like to tell us your thoughrs, highs and lows or anything along those lines, then you can still e-mail us at talentinapreviouslife@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing your views. Night!