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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Waxing Lyrical 

For reasons we entirely fail to understand, Kate Nash appears to be remarkably popular. We never realised that the market for an even more irritating Lily Allen would be so large, but as we could be here all day listing acts who in our view seem to be unaccountably successful, it’s probably best not to go down that route. Instead we’ll follow the route taken by that bandwagon and instead offer you, our dear readers, the opportunity to both appreciate Kate’s famed down to earth wit and sing along to Kate’s latest hit single by giving you the lyrics to Mouthwash. Aren’t we good to you?

Kate Nash - Mouthwash

This is my face. I look like Noel Fielding, only not even half as pretty.
This is my body, covered in skin, and unflattering vintage dresses.
And, this, is my mind, it’s put five seconds thought into these dull lines
And, this, is my song, its torturous, annoying melody will drive you insane

And I use mouthwash
Sometimes I floss
I got nothing to say
But say it anyway

I’m as exciting as pavement
I’ve got the same stench as faeces
I’ve got just two chords in memory
But I still get tabloid pieces.

And of course I’m at home on a Friday night (2x)
And of course I’m at home on a Friday night cos who‘d want to be with me in a club at night?(2x)

This is my face, I’ve got my banal opinions and all the time to explain
And this is my body, and though you might want to throw bricks at it, I’ll still be here
And, this, is my mind, and as its got all the substance of gas, you cannot confine
And, this, is my naval, and even though it’s full of fluff my gaze rests there again and again

Because I use mouthwash
Sometimes I floss
I got a family
And I churn out this toss.

I’ve got a massive advance
I’ve got no real talent
But I have one real skill
And that’s being a bit like Lily Allen

And I’m sitting at home on a Friday night (2x)
And I’m sitting at home on a Friday night and I hope no-one notices my songs are shite (2x)

Will this do?

©Kate Nash. Aged 20. And not 12 as you might think.

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