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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Top of the Popstars // Part 1 

Well, the show wasn't as bad as we were expecting - the links were amusing, the tone wasn't too sneering and they even played Ultrasound's Stay Young over the credits. Even though, it was still ultimately a pretty disappointing experience. This was mainly down to the fact that despite it being billed as being about the top 50 pop stars, it was just a list of the top selling artists based on total single sales, this means that some of the members of this list are somewhat, emm, interesting. Anyway, here's our look at the lower half of the chart.Well, wasn't that a depressing list? Still, we're only half way through though, join us tomorrow (or, depening on our laziness, possibly Thursday) for the top 25, which features such iconic figures as Blondie!, the Spice Girls! and, ummm, Boney M?