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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

10 Things We State About... 

Today is a very special day, being the birthday of our muse, inspiration and all round lovely person, Miss Nicola Roberts. She's 20 today, which we're quite glad about as it makes us feel a lot less guilty about hailing her as the epitome of feminine perfection. Anyway, to celebrate, we proudly present ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about the one, the only and the occasionally ginger goddess:-
  1. If stitched together, the frames containing Nicola's appearances in Girls Aloud videos would stretch from the tip of your little finger all the way to nearly your elbow.
  2. Despite the evidence on the albums, Nicola is not actually mute.
  3. She has smiled once, back in 1997. She decided then and there that she didn't much care for it.
  4. Nadine's plan to leave Nicola looking a bit ropey by making her the last to pick out her clothe backfired when Nicola had no choice but to pull on the one size too small hotpants.
  5. Her favourite food is Super Noodles, which is an interesting use of the word 'favourite'. And, for that matter, the word 'food'.
  6. In live performances, rather than give her a real one, Nicola is generally given a toy microphone to keep her amused instead. It blows bubbles.
  7. Nicola's self esteem sometimes drops so low that she feels she is beneath everything. On these days she refers to everything as 'boss'.
  8. Other underrated ginger popstars include: Rick Astley, Gina G, Edele from B*Witched and Chloe from Clea.
  9. It doesn't include Sonia.
  10. She really should go back to her natural hair colour.