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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

10 Things We State About... 

Garbage are back! And they've released a single which, in all honesty, is basically Garbage doing a Garbage song but as we're rather fond of Garbage we'll give it the thumbs up. In it they ask, Why Do You Love Me?, so to help them try and find an answer, here's 10 entirely true and in no way made up facts about the electro-goth-rock-popsters:-
  1. Somewhere in her attic, Shirley Manson has a portrait of herself looking somewhat old and haggard, thus explaining why she is still, despite heading rapidly towards her forties, looking remarkably foxy.
  2. It's still one of life's great disappointments that Shirley doesn't actually sing "I came to fuck you up" at any point during the chorus to Vow.
  3. Shirley is currently serving a life sentence for her part in the Sharon Tate murders in America in the late 60's.
  4. Nobody knows what the names of the blokes in the band actually are.
  5. Shirley's a staunch monarchist, stating on many occasions that no matter what political system you may prefer, she's only happy when it reigns.
  6. Their Bond theme, The World is Not Enough, was really good and was well worth them doing and certainly wasn't the worst thing they've ever released by a country mile.
  7. That was Stupid Girl.
  8. At the concert to celebrate the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 - in spirit that is, they didn't bother finishing the actual building until this year - Donald Dewar performed lead vocals on Queer.
  9. Shirley owns neither a pair of trousers, nor a skirt that goes beyond the mid-thigh area.
  10. Beautifulgarbage was pretty ropy mind.