Talent in a Previous Life

Because It's Never Just About the Music

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Beginning 

All good things must come to an end. And so, as it turns out, do mediocre things, as we've decided to close the doors on Talent in a Previous Life. Please, try to contain your indifference.

We've been doing this site for almost four and a half years, which is longer than most pop bands last, and during those years we've covered all manner of pop events, backed various songs and artists who promptly failed to do anything whatsoever, blogged our way through three series of X Factor, two of Celebrity Big Brother, more episodes of Top of the Pops than we care to think about and written far too much about Nicola Roberts than is really healthy. We sat through the entirety of both Live 8 and Live Earth, even if we were the only people to do the latter, we've covered pretty much everything Girls Aloud have gotten up to since their inception, we've covered more lists than Schott's Almanac and stated 950 things about various people and things. We gave the world a number of slash fiction parodies, took on a fashion correspondent and came up with a number of ill fated attempts at regular features, some of which lasted longer than others before screeching to a halt in an ignomious fashion. In short we've written a hell of a lot of words since 2003 and some of them have even manages to be entertaining.

But, despite all that, we feel that it's time to bow out gracefully while we're still, if not quite at the top, not yet tumbling backwards down the hill onto the sharp rocks of indifference as we end up churning out material just for the sake of posting something.

However! As the Klaxons once sang, on an 18-30 I met Julius Caesar, Lady Diana and Mother Theresa. Or, slightly more relevantly, it's not over, not over, not over, not over yet, as we are widening our horizons with a brand new site, Thickipedia, with which we hope to provide a wealth of knowledge about the world, delivered in our the style you've come to love and expect from us. Well, expect anyway. In many ways it'll be the same jokes we always do, but delivered in a slightly different context in the hope that this gives them the sheen of originality.

So. Farewell then. We'd just like to thank everyone who has commented on articles, sent us tips and CDs and mp3s and opinions, e-mailed us to say nice things about the site or threatened us with misspelt declarations of violence after we said something nasty about one of your favourite bands, but most of all we'd like to thank everyone who's read the site over the last four and a half years. We may or may not have made you laugh, but we've certainly enjoyed trying.

See you at the Thickipedia. Good night.