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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Latest Show On Earth: Turkey 

So the inevitable has happened, the Spice Girls have reformed and announced their ten date Lets Boost The Pension Fund tour, kicking off in LA, ending in Buenos Aries and including only one date in the UK. Given that they claim that they're doing this to say and, indeed, sing Goodbye to their fans, you'd think they'd have made a bit more effort to allow the vast majority of fans who don't live in a capital city the opportunity to go and see them, making the whole affair seem more like nothing more than a money making exercise rather than a celebration of one of the greatest pop bands the world has ever seen, but we're sure that can't be the case. Ahem.

Anyway, we're not here to talk about that today, although it does segue nicely into our choice of topic for the day, as the Spice Girls' first ever gig was in Istanbul (not Constantinople) and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) is the latest stop on our guide to the line-ups for the Al Gore's Live 8 megagigs. Here's whose playing:-Umm, yes. That's not just us being even lazier than normal, that's genuinely whose playing. No-one. Not a single band, artist, or godawful type with an acoustic guitar could be persuaded to play Turkey's contribution to Al's misguided attempt to save the world, leaving a hole in the schedule akin to that in the Ozone layer. Even Live 8 struggled to fill the bills in all eight of its concerts and there was, at least, a genuine public momentum behind those events so quite why Live Earth felt that it could succeed by spreading its resources just as thinly is unclear. Perhaps it was to show the problems cause when the Earth's own resources are spread equally thinly as the doomsayers predictions begin to come to fruition. Looking back on the line-ups already announced we're beginning to understand what a scary prospect that is. A world with only the fossil fuel equivalent of Katie Melua and KT Tunstall to keep us going. The living will surely envy the dead.

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