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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Di: Another Day 

The Princess Diana Memorial Concert was presumably intended as being this year's 'big' concert, but it's kinda had it's thunder stolen by Al Gore's Live Earth event. Mind you, any event is likely to come up wanting against something whose stated aim is to save the world - as yet it's unclear whether they also intend on saving the cheerleader - but one whose sole purpose is to glorify the life of a disgustingly rich and supremely self-centred woman is really going to be pushing it in the 'worthy' stakes. As with Live 8, our coverage of the whole Live Earth event will be nothing if not comprehensive - although it's worth noting 'comprehensive' is not the same thing as 'funny' - but before we dip our toes into that particular pool of melted icecap water, here's a look at the artists lined up to perform at what is possibly the year's least essential musical event:-

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