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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hearts, Hearts, Glorious Hearts 

Jose Gonzales releases Heartbeat this week - don't bother rushing out to buy it, it's an experience akin to freezing your hand and slowly waiting for life to return to your fingers - which got us thinking: the average human heartbeat is 72 beats per minute but popstars, of course, aren't average humans; they're celebrities, which means that they're at least 10 times better than us ordinary mortals, but does this mean that their heart rate is 10 times faster as well? Probably not as it would lead to a short, but painful death, but to find out for definite we've spent this week pestering popstars and wiring them up to our portable heart monitor to find out. Here are the results:-So there we have it, and what have we learnt? Bugger all.