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Monday, December 05, 2005

Cheryl Tweedy's Guide to Self Defence 

Hi! I'm Cheryl Tweedy! And, despite the fact that my stock facial expression is that of looking surprised after being caught doing something a bit naughty, I'm actually very rarely caught unawares. This is because I'm an expert in Wi Ai Man, a martial art which began life in the city centres of Newcastle and has since spread to find itself in use in any place where young men in short sleeved shirts gather. As the city streets these days can be a bit dangerous, mainly thanks, it has to be said, to the growing popularity of Wi Ai Man, I'm using this column to pass on some hints and tips to keep you safe and sound in the back of a police van facing charges of aggrivated assault. Isn't that nice of me? Yes, yes it is.Remember, Wi Ai Man should only be used in self defence against people who are genuinely attacking you, looking at you a bit funny, or offering you some lollipops. Thanks!

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