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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 Things We State About... 

Big Brother kicks off tonight and the only televisual event which we'd find more exciting would be the long awaited announcement that they're finally going to make a new series of The Glam Metal Detectives. As always our favourites in the house will largely be ranked in order of prettiness as we are incredibly shallow but we're sure there'll be much to love and hate with this year's new intake. Mainly hate, if we're perfectly honest. Anyway, the country's most famous House has not been without it's share of musical connections, so here are ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about that very theme:-
  1. As it was the first series and you could still get away with that sort of thing, both BB winner Craig and BB loser Nichola released singles once they left the house, but given the total sales achieved by each track, the exact same effect could have been achieved by not releasing the singles, something which most people in Britain believe to have happened.
  2. Chantelle's fake band Kandyfloss was not the first time such a stunt had appeared in Celebrity Big Brother. In a previous series young unknown Kenzie had to try and convince his fellow housemates that he was the member of a band called Blazin' Squad. Unlike with Chantelle, of course, the housemates failed to fall for this transparent lie.
  3. Last year's winner Pete Bennett is currently working with Guy Chambers on his own musical career. Sorry, we've got that wrong, that should read "Last year's winner Pete Bennett is currently working with a guy in the legal chambers as he appeals against the suspension of his housing benefit.
  4. Big Brother 3 winner Kate is currently helping make ends meet by doing DJ work in clubs. Apparently if she carries the record boxes in for the DJ he'll give her a couple of free drinks vouchers, which can really make a difference when it's still a couple of days before your dole money arrives.
  5. Following the trend, Big Brother 6 winner Nadia released a single in an attempt to cash in on the novelty Christmas market. It was a cover of Shania Twain's Man, I Feel Like a Woman.
  6. Big Brother 7 winner, Antony has also, in a bid to ditch the 'being gay' rumours which have followed him around since leaving the house, will also be releasing an album. It's a collection of covers which he's chosen in an attempt to show the world that he's just who he is and has come through the allegations and untruths about him with his head held high, including such anthems as I Will Survive, Macho Man and I Am What I Am, this should finally prove his heterosexuality to an unconvinced world.
  7. Hard Fi's Stars of CCTV is a concept album about the Big Brother experience, it's lyrical heart laced liberally with Richard's bitterness about failing to impress at the auditions.
  8. Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray, writers of the Big Brother theme, use the royalties they receive each year to buy at least two massive yachts, a canal boat sized Bounty bar and a Bounty bar sized canal boat each.
  9. At some point during the series, the housemates will be asked to write a song about their experiences on the show. In terms of cultural and artistic relevance, this is roughly up there with asking a six year old child to draw a picture representing what they did on their summer holidays. The latter, however, is generally a bit more coherent.
  10. Big Brother by Girls Aloud, of course, is really rather ace.

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