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Friday, January 02, 2004

Simply the Worst? 

Last night Channel 4 counted down The 100 Worst Pop Records of all time. Unfortunately there was clearly some mis-communication when this programme was being researched as virtually all the songs selected where fine examples of 3 minute genius. The show was a 3 hour long smug-fest, designed to allow rubbish comedians and commentators the chance to rehash some old jokes and generally make themselves out to be a bunch of arses. Are we really supposed to trust the opinions of people who happily call themselves Jupiter Joy and Diamond Dave? (We realise that we expect you to trust the opinions of someone who happily calls himself Flum, but that's not the point, who's on trial here?!)

Anyway, with this in mind, TiaPL has rather foolishly decided to present to you a complete review of every single track listed in the Top 100, so join us as we present The 100, In General, Actually Rather Good Pop Records of All Time... Ever!
So, what have we learned, partly that bad pop isn't what's represented in this list, bad pop is the the dull, emotionless Westlife style ballads, it's the half-hearted R&B, the watered down versions of electro-music styles and the meaningless cover versions that clog up the charts. We've also learnt that people will have an opinion on just about anything if you stick them in front of a camera and offer them money, however the main thing we've learnt is that it's a lot harder than you might think to come up with near enough 100 different ways of saying "No, actually, this one is quite good".

Well done for reaching the end. Have a cookie.