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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Latest Show on Earth: Japan 

The Live Earth juggernaut has made it's way to Japan, a country which is less concerned about having a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla as it is about, well, Godzilla. They're being a bit greedy about things and having not one but two concerts, thus doubling the amount of natural resources used and, if our maths is correct, hastening the onset of irreversible destruction of the polar ice caps by twenty years. Our maths may not be correct. Anyway, here's who's lined up for the gigs at Tokyo and at Kyoto:-...and at Kyoto...
Both stages also have the exciting sounding And Others TBA booked to play. We hope this isn't a tenuous booking for Dominic Masters' Others. Surely they must buck the Big in Japan cliche?

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