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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

10 Things We State About... 

This week The Killers continue on apace with their plans for U2 style world domination by releasing, as they're likely to do on a regular basis for the rest of their career, a single which isn't quite as good as Mr Brightside. To celebrate this, here's ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about the band:-
  1. Lead singer Brandon Flowers is a Mormon, just like the sea creature baddie from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
  2. The lyrics to Mr Brightside were taken from an early draft of the Mr Happy Mr Men novel which had been rejected for being a 'too racy' for the children's market.
  3. Just like the food created by KFC's fictional leader, colonel Sanders, the band have soul, but aren't actually soldiers.
  4. But they are both made from the same substance as solyent green.
  5. Current single When You Were Young has nothing to do with the wistful ballad jointly penned by Jonathan King and Gary Glitter
  6. The band left the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas to make a lot of money. Curiously most people head to the city with the exact opposite result.
  7. Brandon was killed in 1993 during filming of Goth cash-in movie, The Crow, giving the film a far greater audience than it deserved.
  8. It is fortunate that they did not write All These Things That I've Done on a Sunday, otherwise the song's lyrics would largely have centred around reading the Sunday papers, before watching Songs of Praise and having an early night.
  9. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine was written about showbiz correspondent Jenni Falconer. They parted ways after Brandon felt that Jenni wasn't taking advantage of her high profile GMTV role to give his band the publicity he so desperately craved, preferring instead to talk awkwardly about how she met a D List film star in the unlikely circumstances of a pre-arranged interview.
  10. We still stand defiantly behind our belief that Somebody Told Me is the single that Phixx should have released after Hold on Me.