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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

10 Things We State About... 

Despite no-one asking for this to happen or, unless you're a particularly unimaginative compiler of an 'Anthem' themed compilation - or to put it another way, a compiler of an 'Anthem' themed compilation - anyone given them even a second's thought in the last five years, The Verve are back together again, romping - this may not be the best choice of word - around the country for a short tour as they test the waters for potential interest in a comeback album give the fans a chance to see the band one more time. Oh, and try and steal a march on the slightly more interesting news of the Spice Girls reunion tomorrow. Still, here are ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about the band. Some days we really don't try, do we?
  1. After filming the famous video for Bitter Sweet Symphony where he walks down the road, banging into passersby, Richard was promptly set upon and violently beaten up. Not by the victims of his aggressive swagger, they were merely extras and happy to get the £50, but instead by the crew, who had been forced to listen to the song on repeat for the entirety of the shoot and were, understandably, a bit narked by this state of affairs.
  2. Contrary to their claim, the drugs do work. Indeed, many drugs that you buy from dodgy blokes in nightclubs are remarkably proficient at clearing up your headache. And very little else.
  3. Richard always wore shades because he has snakes where his eyes should be. Which makes photoshoots a little bit awkward.
  4. Cats in bags rarely wait to drown. Generally they fight like billy-o and you have to give them a good few knocks with your half brick before they even begin to calm down. Umm, we'd imagine.
  5. When he went solo, Richard Ashcroft's first single was called Song for the Lovers, which made people up and down the country glad that they were single.
  6. This is Music was the title of an early single, and it was. Though only just.
  7. The Verve came from Wigan, home of famous meat pies. The locals are understandably more proud of the latter than the former.
  8. They originally started out as Verve, only adding the 'The' to avoid confusion, and a legal battle, with an American record label. This desire to avoid confusion explains why they weren't called The Dull, Pointless, Embarrassingly Pseudo-Mystical Awful Brothers
  9. During Live 8, Chris Martin claimed that Richard was the best singer in the world, proving conclusively that his ignorance of what sounds good extends well beyond his own band's back catalogue.
  10. We're not sure why he insisted on calling himself Richard. He always seemed more like a Dick to us.

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