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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Long and Whining Road 

If Geldof gets his way, come tomorrow afternoon a million activists will be in Edinburgh and in the evening, assuming the city hasn't been burnt down to the ground - and given the hysterical overreaction by the media covering yesterday's events in which an anarchist/authority stand off plus a couple of skirmishes, mainly involving, as far as we could tell from our standpoint which was, admittedly, miles away from the incident as we were at home watching it on our telly, photographers trying to get the best shot of vaguely angry looking protesters, became known as the "Battle of Princes Street", we can only assume that as far as the coverage is concerned it will have done - 50,000 of them will be 'treated' to a big old gig in Murrayfield Stadium. But what's in store for them? Well, let's have a look, shall we? Incidentally, regular readers might think this is familiar territory but we have, for once in our life, written some 'new' 'jokes' for this. We should also point out that this list is in no way accurate, and is based upon a number of sources which may well prove to be nonsense by the time tomorrow night actually happens. And given that there appears to be far too many acts for an evening gig, we fully expect that it will be.