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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

10 Things We State About... 

The lovely Natasha Bedingfield has just headed out on her first tour. We're going to be seeing her a week on Sunday, so to celebrate here's ten entirely true facts about our favourite floaty skirt wearing popstrel:-
  1. Despite what some wags 'hilariously' claimed when she first hit the music scene, Natasha isn't her brother, Daniel, in a blonde wig. Although Daniel is, in fact, Natasha with a pair of socks stuffed down her jeans.
  2. Natasha has never slept in a bed in a field. She won't even go camping as she has a phobia of sleeping bags. "It's the zips", she says, "I worry they'll turn into chomping teeth during the night and bite me".
  3. After calling her debut single, Single, Natasha was desperate to call her first album, Album. She was dissuaded from this idea by record company execs who were worried that people might become confused and purchase Lolly's My First Album by mistake.
  4. If These Words are genuinely her own, from her heart flown, then Barry Manilow genuinely writes the songs that make the whole world sing.
  5. Natasha's album features a guest appearance by Bizarre from D12. This makes her marginally more street than D12 themselves.
  6. When drunk, Natasha likes nothing better than whipping her top off, putting Motorhead's Ace of Spades on the juke box and singing along.
  7. Natasha has no belly button, and uses a complicated mix of make-up and computer trickery to create the illusion of one, should she ever need to be pictured in a short top.
  8. At school Natasha was voted Girl Most Likely to Perform a Slightly Sexually Dubious Duet With Her Brother at an Awards Ceremony. How wrong they were, it was extremely dubious.
  9. Natasha has never read any Byron, Shelly or Keats. In fact, her only knowledge of poetry comes from the popular book 1001 Rude Limericks.
  10. We could only be arsed coming up with 9 facts about her, the rest are still unwritten.