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Saturday, October 23, 2004

What, No Mero? 

Danny Wilson don't warrant a mention either, while Sheena Easton is completely ignored. What are we talking about? Well, The List, Scotland's equivalent of Time Out, has just drawn up its shortlist of the 50 best Scottish bands of all time... ever! and it's inviting its readership to decide on the best. In the past we've never shyed away from going through other people's shortlists and telling you why they're entirely wrong, so, with only our incredibly poor memory and MC Strong's Great Rock/Indie Discographies to guide us, TiaPL proudly presents - in the same sort of sense that a small child proudly presents their potty during toilet training - our look at what is apparently the cream of the tartan tunesmiths. While the list is in alphabetical order, rather than any sort of merit based system, readers are advised that the quality of the bands does decrease as we get closer to the end of the alphabet.
And so, we come to the end of the list. If you wanh to vote for your favourite, you can do so by clicking here and far be it from us to suggest that you might like to make a mockery of the whole thing by voting for Mero, but that's exactly what we did. Hooray!