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Friday, August 04, 2006

10 Things We State About... 

We're off to see Cerys Matthews tonight, something we're ridiculously excited about, so, to celebrate this in our usual hip to hip, cutting edge fashion, here's ten entirely true and in no way made up facts about Catatonia:-
  1. Everyday, when they wake up, they thank the Lord they're Welsh. The author of Trainspotting, Porno, and other sweary novels does much the same thing.
  2. The members of Catatonia who weren't Cerys were Jones the Guitar, Jones the Bass, Jones the Drums, Jones the Back-Up Guitarist and Alex Wright, the Occasional Session Keyboardist.
  3. Even today, Cerys still receives phonecalls from people claiming to have found her lost cat.
  4. Her unique sense of style came as a result of her fondness for shopping in charity shops while drunk.
  5. Cerys Matthews is a not exactly unattractive woman, and many of her young male fans would create their own strange glue, just thinking about her and their hope that one day she might star in a movie that's way beyond blue.
  6. Dead From The Waist Down caused a great deal of controversy amongst the Legless Zombie community, with many demanding "Brains" in recompense. And, indeed, in general.
  7. Events regarding a young woman's lovelife in the Cardiff area are, in actual fact, outside of the FBI's jurisdiction.
  8. You've Got a Lot To Answer For was written after Cerys' appearance on ITV's short-lived 24 Hour Quiz.
  9. The other members of Catatonia have been making ends meet by operating a gravel laying service. Uniquely they offer to fill up your driveway stone by stone. They charge by the hour and are largely unpopular.
  10. We love Cerys almost as much as we love Nicola. Almost.