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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Frost Report: Day 6 

Jenny Frost's grumpy side continued to show itself on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, as she started off another eventful day - well, it is compared to her normal day to day life of watching Trisha and eating crisps - by having a vague barney with Bobby Ball. Bobby was picked as camp leader for the day and was attempting to stamp his authority on the camp, meeting with as much success as was garnered by Plaza Patrol, Cannon and Ball's sitcom about security guards in a shopping centre. "You've only just got here!", yelled Jen, ladylike as ever, "we've been here a week so shurrup man!". Later she expanded on this theme, summing up all her anger reserves and declaring Bobby to be a "Bossy Bum", a hurtful insult indeed, though not as bad as "Nuggin", which she applied to both Antony 'From Blue' Costas and Sid 'Sid' Owen, due to their inability to remember which one of them had given a certain quote during an interview.

She calmed down a tad later on, finding time to both make some demands in the Bush Telegraph - "Chocolate. Chocolate, chocolate chocolate" - and give her learned opinion on Some Footballer's Wife's Bushtucker trial, and who on earth would have suspected that Jenny would turn out to be an expert on being covered in a sticky substance? "Oh, bless her", she said, in a Scouse accent, "She was covered in goo. Have you seen Ghostbusters? It was like ectoplasm. It was just the gooiest gooey goo in the whole of goosville".

With her mood changing more frequently than the clothes at an Atomic Kitten photo shoot, it's perhaps no surprise that she's beginning to show the first signs of being dangerously psychotic. While stomping around the camp in the evening time with her big manly feet, Jenny kicked a cricket. "Oh, I've killed it!", she exclaimed, while laughing uncontrollably. Indeed, some might say hysterically. However, despite her fears it turned out not to actually be dead, simply playing dead as a defence mechanism. There a less damaged person might have left it, but then, egged on by Sheree - whose chants of "Kill it! Kill it" were genuinely disturbing - she eventually kicked the poor, innocent creature into the fire, before crossing herself and giving it the last rites. We're rather scared of her now.

Jenny nearly found herself doing a Bushtucker trial, but sadly was just beaten by her new nemesis, Bobby Ball. We were so close, though! To give her that final push into the agonising experience which is having to make small talk with Ant and Dec, phone 09011 32 32 04 or text JENNY to 63334.