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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

10 Things We State About... 

So, ummm, yeah. We're back! And we can only apologise for the complete lack of content over the last few weeks. In our defence we haven't, as is normally the case when updates are a bit thin on the ground, been staring blankly at our computer screen, waiting desperately for inspiration to strike, but have instead been out and about seeing a grand total of 47 shows at the Fringe, one of which lasted for 33 and a half hours, so we feel we can be cut a bit of slack.

Anyway, it all finally came to an end last night, with Franz Ferdinand taking the final slot in our ever so slightly hectic calendar. To celebrate that event, and because we're too lazy to do a proper review, here's ten entirely true and in no-way made up facts about the four best dressed men in Glasgow, i.e. they own more than one suit:-
  1. When the real one is too busy, the role of Alex Kapranos is often played by consumer champion and talented game show host, Nicky Campbell.
  2. They reckon that it's quite acceptable to wear blazers outside of high school and sailing regattas. They are wrong.
  3. People called Michael never tire of being told that they dance like a beautiful dance whore.
  4. Or being pointed at during the song's chorus as they sit at the side of the club, softly weeping at this sudden and unexpected form of persecution.
  5. Nick's favourite TV programme is Big Cook, Little Cook.
  6. One of the band's favourite pastimes is to break wind in inappropriate locations. This is such an important part of their lives that they even felt the need to immortalise it in their debut single, Farts of Pleasure.
  7. They got together with the professed aim of making "music to make girls dance". With this in mind they immediately sunk all their money into paying top scientists to research this, the outcome being the all important finding that estrogen reacts only to high kicking angular art-rock and nothing else. Some have suggested that the top scientists time may have been better spent.
  8. Franz Ferdinand claim that they're named after the person who's assassination caused the start of the First World War. This is nonsense, that was Lieutenant Pigeon.
  9. Alex reckons that it's better on either holiday or in the dark of the matinee. Were he ever to go to an early afternoon performance while enjoying paid leave, it's quite likely that he would explode with pleasure.
  10. They're pretty damned good, especially given the fact that they're weegies.