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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

10 Things We State About... 

Former Sugababe, current ginger and generally ace person, Siobhan Donaghy is back! And new single Don't Give it Up, from the forthcoming album Ghosts, is really rather brilliant, not that you'd know though, given the reluctance of radio to play it or, indeed, people to actually go out and buy it. This is a shame, and it's hardly Siobhan's fault as not only has she released said amazing tune, but she's also been turning up pretty much everywhere doing interviews which largely seem to revolve around her being forced to point out how unbothered she is by the Sugababes's success and how glad she is to be out of it. To celebrate, here are ten entirely true and in no way made up examples of the sort of things she definitely doesn't do because her former bandmates' gold disc based lifestyle in no way bothers her:-
  1. Goes into record shops and moves all the Sugababe CDs bar One Touch to the back of the racks.
  2. Regularly posts on Sugababes messageboards under the username SugaBitchesSuck
  3. Defaces posters of the band around London town, with particular attention being paid to Heidi's image.
  4. Hangs around outside trendy London bars, loudly dissing the girls whenever someone who looks vaguely influential walks past.
  5. Switches the radio off whenever Red Dress comes on.
  6. Refuses MySpace Friend Requests from anyone who has the Sugababes in their Top 8.
  7. Sworn never again to eat anything containing either sugar or babies.
  8. Laughed for a solid hour when she heard the news that Mutya had been pushed out of the band as well.
  9. Books up the entire front row of Sugababe gigs so that she and her friends can sit there and boo solidly for the entire ninety minutes.
  10. Phones Keisha on a daily basis laughing and saying "You'll be next... you'll be next!".

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