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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kimberly Walsh's Guide to the North 

Ey Oop! Depending on how much leeway you're prepared to give this piece, I'm either Kimberly Walsh or a vaguely offensive stereotype of a northern girl. Either way, it doesn't really matter as, save for a few dropped the's and u's replaced with a double o, it'll soon descend into the standard TiaPL house 'style', much as it's doing now. Well I'll go to t'foot of our stairs, etc. Many of you may have some misconceptions about what life's like oop here in t'north of England. Some of you may think that we all walk around all the time with whippets and wearing flat caps, but that's simply not true! Some of us are women after all, and as such only wear our flat caps on Sundays. See! What a learning experience this is turning out to be! Here are some other things you might not know about the North:-Hmmm. Join us tomorrow for the slightly better thought out Nadine Coyle's Guide to Fashion