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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Negative Attraction 

Yes, yes, yes! The new Girls Aloud single is out this week and, as is pretty much a given with new Girls Aloud singles, it has Number One written all over it. Unfortunately, though, what is graffitied all over the soul of the track bares little relation to actual chart performance, and given that past experience has proven that the only Girls Aloud tracks which get to number one are those which have Rubbish Cover of a Ballad stamped all over them, we’re not holding out too much hope for them hitting the top spot with this but we are being half-heartedly optimistic, even if they’re encouraging this sort of pessimistic thinking in their absurdly negative song title.

Anyway, it is, as you’re no doubt aware unless you live under a rock, are stupid, or are deaf or, indeed, Death, all kinds of aceness; a lightning blast of electro pop fireyness, writhing around like a bag filled with angry robots made entirely of legs and lacerating any person or thing that comes into it’s general vicinity. In it they deny their sexyness. Other things that Girls Aloud have recently denied include:Unfortunately they have also chosen to deny Nicola’s natural gingerness and she has once again gone looking for happiness at the bottom of a bottle of hair dye, turning blonde for the latest video. We will give her the benefit of the doubt for now and assume that the decision was made to avoid clashing with the red based theme of the somewhat bizarre promo. They have also chosen not to have a proper ending for the song, which is really frustrating as there’s nothing more annoying than something that just fades out rather than coming to a proper…

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