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Because It's Never Just About the Music

Friday, September 30, 2005

Brut Force 

And so we come to the end of our somewhat disappointing effort at covering a few of the great singles which have been released this week, but we've still got one last chance to pull it back with our final choice for the week, ladies and gentlemen, we give you Art Brut's Good Weekend.

Now, some of you may wish to argue that Art Brut aren't exactly what you'd call pop, but you're wrong because:Good Weekend is Eddie's paean to, well, having a good weekend. He meets a lady, sees her naked - twice - and generally has a bit of a rip-roaring time. But if you don't even have any chance of seeing the person of your dreams in vaguely skimpy attire, let alone naked, or are simply wondering how you too can have a pretty decent time this weekend, why not consult our handy list of Do's and Don't's to help you have a vaguely OK weekend. If you're lucky.Hmm, we have been a bit rubbish this week, haven't we? Oh well, we'll try and get it together by Monday.