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Monday, September 26, 2005

Jo O'Meara Competition! 

Jo Ex Club has a new single out. Hooray! And to promote it she turned up in our local HMV this afternoon for a promotional appearance. Unfortunately for her, HMV seemed far keener to promote their Sale than to let the world know that a member of pop aristocracy was in the store, and so breathing space was not exactly hard to come by. Still, despite what would politely be called an intimate audience, Jo, resplendent in a pink jacket and jeans, gave it her all, smiling and singing her way through What Hurts the Most and Relentless from her new album, though not, alas, anything from the old days. Both the new tracks are, to be honest, well sung but a bit rubbish in a number-one-if-S-Club-released-them-for-children-in-need kinda way, but who cares? It was Jo O'Meara! Jo!

Of course, it wasn't just about the singing, as she was also quite keen to boost sales of her debut single meet her public, and so a signing session duly took place. Naturally our journalistic instincts kicked in here, so we took the chance to catch her unawares with a couple of killer questions:-

US: Hi! Great performance! Good to see you back on the scene.
JO: Thanks.
US: Uh, could you sign this?

Groundbreaking stuff we're sure you'll agree. It is, however, slightly better than the time we met Jill Sobule - no, you probably haven't, but you should - where she complimented us on the badges we had pinned to our jacket. Our brain switched off at this moment and all we could muster in response was "Yeah, I like badges", much in the manner of someone out on day release who should really be under the supervision of a trained carer.

Anyway, the upshot of this, is that not only did we get a copy signed for ourselves, but we also asked her to sign a second copy so that we could give it away to one lucky reader of this website! That's right, look impressed! We're giving away a prize worth upwards of £1.99! Woo! yeah! Etc! And how can you get your hands on this goldplated - not actually goldplated - giveaway? Easy:

Just tell us what position you reckon the single will enter the top 40 at on Sunday.

Some rules:Good luck!