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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 6 

Day 6 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and writing this daily update would be a hell of a lot easier if Jo and H actually bothered, y'know, doing something. Though who can blame Channel 4 for not concentrating on our favourite popstars when the spectacle of watching Leo Sayer briefly going mad, swearing, telling the housemates he wants to have a wank, offering to show his dick to the BB cameras, demanding to see his contract, convinced as he was that the producers of the show could not treat him in this way, before a return to sanity as he sheepishly returns to the rest of the group, having re-read his contract, admitting that, in actual fact, they can treat him in that way, and much worse besides, proves to be a lot more entertaining.

Still, Jo and H weren't without their moments, even if the meat of their performance mainly centred around, umm, meat, with H looking on as Jo and Cleo used a sausage making machine, with all the hilarity and innuendo that affords. And by 'all the hilarity' we mean not that much, not unless you're Barbara Windsor, Sid James, or any one else from the comedy corpse that is the Carry on movies. H, however, could barely contain himself, and his sides were splitting almost as much as those of the poorly crafted sausages which were coming out of the machine. Mind you, he's already proven himself to have somewhat less than impressive standards when it comes to comedy, having already 'entertained' Jermaine with even worse than the original versions of the Bo Selecta impersonation of Michael Jackson. Jermaine had to endure a similar form of polite embarrassment later today when Jackiey, egged on by H, moonwalked - i.e. she walked backwards - and did similarly poor quality Bo Selecta rip-offs. Outwardly Jermaine smiled, while inwardly he prayed to any God who might be listening for the earth to open up and swallow him, or for preference, Jackiey, up.

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