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Monday, January 29, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 24 

Day 24 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and H is once again feeling confused about things. "I feel like I've got one foot outside the door and one foot in", he told Jermaine, hijacking a conversation Jermaine was trying to have about missing his wife, which is one way of putting your foot in it. "I really wanna stay and I really wanna go", he continued, showing a previously unknown love for The Clash, although obviously not that great a love for them given his complete misquote of the actual lyrics. Yes, we know that's tortured, but give us a break! We've been doing these updates for twenty four days now and we're beginning to run short of material and inspiration a tad. Thank God it's nearly over. "I've never done anything like this before and I never will again", he concluded. We can only concur.

While H jogged in the garden, the housemates were awoken to the sound of the exectution bell, tolling for whoever would be evicted that evening. "Wonder why they're playing that?", queried Jo, ever so slightly missing the point. She may have the flow, but clues seem to be completely out of her grasp.

The complicated task of getting his cereal down from a slightly high shelf was a bit too much for H so Dirk, to the sound of the A Team theme being sung by the rest of the housemates got it for him, by the highly skilled and dangerous method of stretching a bit. To celebrate this impressive feat, Dirk fried up a bit of salmon skin, much to the disgust of Jo and Danielle, who immediatly left to try and get away from the smell, but they should really try and get used to being around unpleasant smelling things, after all, a foul stench is going to be following them around for the rest of their careers.

H pondered upon the fact that "It's really strange being gay in this industry", which surprises us, as we thought it was pretty much de rigeur. It's harder, he reckons, for people like him who wanted to keep it quiet. Quiet?! If his time in Steps was H trying to keep his sexuality under wraps we can only imagine what he would have been like if he'd been out and proud during those early singles.

And so, the eviction, and with little surprise Jo, along with Cleo got the chop. As she left the housemates were typically upset with Danielle, who has a face entirely made out of silly putty, crying, more for herself than for Jo it has to be said. Alas, the outside world was less forgiving and the chants of "Get Jo out" which led up to her eviction soon turned into boos as she walked down the runway. There was a good hour between the eviction and the interview with Davina, which we had assumed was to allow her to be briefed about the whole racism row, but given her complete inability to come up with anything that even vaguely approached a defence or an apology it seems we were entirely mistaken. Davina was noticeably tougher on Jo than she was on the similarly racist Jade, no doubt because, unlike her, Jo and Davina don't share the same agent. On being shown the news footage about the row, Jo seemed genuinely shocked, but rather than taking the time to try and make amends and build bridges, she immediately went on the defensive. "You've made that look worse than it was" was her first reponse, followed by the "I can't be racist, I've got a cousin that's married an Indian", which is a bit like saying you can't be misogynist because your dad married a woman. The two things don't follow from each other, particularly when you follow it up, as Jo did, by trying to defend your mocking of Shilpa's accent by describing how you make fun of your cousins' accents as well. Her attempt to defend her laughing when Shilpa attempted to get her to help her out during the Jade argument was similarly weak, as she attempted to claim that she always 'gets the giggles' when she's nervous. "It's how I deal with it, I might start laughing now". "I wouldn't", warned Davina. Jo then attempted to ignore the whole racist aspect of the story by trying to claim it was just over a couple of oxo cubes and nothing else and saying that it wasn't her argument. "You were complicit", said Davina. "I don't know what to say to that", responded Jo, possibly because she was unsure what 'complicit' meant. Of course, she will later go on to top this in an interview with the Sunday Mirror where she will claim that that her "Indians are thin because they can't cook and are sick all the time" comment should be seen as a compliment because everyone wants to be thin, but for now we will leave the last words with the final exchange between Jo and Davina.

Jo: "The game is you go in there and show who you really are."
Davina: "Did you?"
Jo: "Yes I did, I really believe I did."