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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 23 

Day 23 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and H reckons he's in Limbo, which we believe is a gay club in Rotherham famed for it's over abundance of mirrors. He's also of the view, espoused in the diary room, that either Dirk or Cleo will be leaving in the next evictions, Dirk because he's "tried to degrade every section [of society] possible", i.e. he's been a bit sarcastic, and Cleo because she's clearly a lunatic who needs to recieve professional help at the earliest opportunity, or "a lovely lady who deals with her insecurities by turning into these characters", as he chose to put it.

H, while happy to predict who else would be sent to the gallows, didn't seem to even give the possibility that he might be going much thought, unlike Jo, on the other hand, who's very apprehensive about the whole thing, but feels ready to leave if that's the way the cards land. "I've been myself from day one", she proclaimed, "I can't believe I'm still here. I only packed enough clothes for one week.", which may explain why she's spent the vast majority of her time in that manky dressing gown.

Still, whether he stays or goes, H already has plans for when he does leave, inviting himself along to India to go and meet Shilpa. But it's not a one sided invitation, as he's quick to return the favour and suggested that Shilpa might like to compare the glamour of the Bollywood industry to that of, ummm, Wales. "You must come and meet my friends", he enthused, like someone with a puppy to show off, "They'll love you!". "And I love you too", replied Shilpa. Awww! But noticeably she didn't actually agree to any of these plans.

For their daily task, Big Brother too it's inspiration from the A Team and sent a crack celebrity unit - and this must surely be the first time celebrities have ever been associated with crack - to retrieve some items, locked in the lounge, by using various short floppy objects which Big Brother had supplied to them. H proved himself to be something of an expert at turning short floppy objects into something longer, harder and more robust and swiftly gathered up, amongst other, a takeaway, some vegetables, beer and champagne for the group. He also got excited as Shilpa and Jermaine retrieved a portrait of some of the housemates taken during the Master and Servants task. "Jackiey looks nice in that picture", he cooed, despite the fact that it was clearly a picture of Jackiey, a woman who has never been described as looking nice in her entire life. "Almost passable as a human being" would probably have been a more accurate description.