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Friday, January 19, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 15 

Day 15 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the one good thing that has come out of the whole sorry affair is that Carphone Warehouse have dropped their sponsorship of the show so we no longer have to endure those annoying 'Mowbli' stings before and after every ad break. See, racism can be a force for good. And the growing international condemnation of the show is at least providing some credence to Jade's claim to be the 25th most influential person in the world. Whoda thought!

Still, things seem to be settling down a bit in the house now, although Jade did decide to call Shilpa "Shilpa Poppadom" during a conversation with Danielle. Big Brother did, at least, take her to task on this one in the Diary Room, but she denied being a racist. But of course she would. Very few people would, on being accused of such an abhorrent thing, put their hands up and say "Yup, I am. Got me bang to rights there". And besides, in Jade's case she'd be more likely to respond by saying "But I'm nothing like Paula Radcliffe, Linford Christie or any of those other runners".

H and Jermaine took advantage of their early rising to discuss the situation. H is upset that Jo and Danielle are getting involved, but tries to see things from Jade's point of view: "Jade has her set of beliefs and she's acting on them. In her mind she's right." Surely it's the fact that she's right, far right, that's causing all the problems. Later H clarified his neutral position in the diary room, pointing out that he likes the girls, and he likes Shilpa as well, but doesn't like the way she's being treated. Unfortunately though, the housemates are only allowed to bring a small number of luxuries into the house and so, to make room for a complete set of Steps dolls, H had to leave his backbone behind and so is not going to get involved. Mind you, later he told the housemates of his one and only time fighting. As it consisted of him closing his eyes, sticking out his arms and spinning around in a circle, it's perhaps best he doesn't attempt to defend Shilpa's honour.

It was nominations day today, and Jo did quite well in only receiving one nomination. It came from Jermaine as she's "a follower of Jade. She's not the same person I met when I came in, she's smarter than that". Although whether anyone who sees Jade as a leader can truely be called smart is open to debate. Jo herself picked Shilpa - "I just don't think that she's genuine" - and Dirk - "He's very Jeckyl and Hyde". Well, he was the Faceman, wasn't he. H chose Danielle - "The way she's acting towards Shilpa is unacceptable" and Jade - "The way she treats Shilpa is abysmal". H has presumably recently read a Thesaurus. In the end though, there's no real surprise as both Jade and Shilpa face the public vote and, unless the unthinkable happens, in which case we're going to give up on society and live in a cave, Jade will be walking out of those famous doors. And quite right too, she's the ugly face of Britain. Oh, and apparently she's a bit of a racist as well. Arf.

Jo and Danielle finished off their day by having a chat about Shilpa and, without the potent combination of ignorance and hatred that is Jade, managed to be both civil and pleasant about her. "She's a good person", said Danielle, without crossing her fingers. Jo agreed, reasoning that it's just the situation, combined with the lack of space, that's causing all the stress and that her, Jade and Danielle have all bonded because they "come from the same sort of area, go to the same sort of places", go to the same Klan meetings. No, that's unfair. We should be applauding them for their self-awareness, even if Danielle did promptly spoil it all by declaring "We've not been spiteful bitches or anything". If Danielle doesn't think they've been spiteful, we dread to think what she'd be like when she's genuinely trying to put the boot in.