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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pan O'Meara/The H Factor: Day 10 

Day 10 in the Celebrity Big Brother house and it's eviction day, a time of heightened tensions, stress, tears and tantrums, and that's just Leo, but before all the drama, Jo has a few things to say about Jermaine: "He brings such a calm to the house. He's got a beautiful smile, all the family do. He's like a michevious little boy". Although to be far, most mischevious little boys tend to actually do, umm, mischevious sorts of things and not just sit around the house, looking vaguely bemused while making sure their flat top haircut is perfectly level. And look! Someone mentioned a Jackson and little boys in the same sentence and we resisted the tempation to make a Michael Jackson reference! Aren't you proud of us? Oh...

Anyway, the main drama of the day was Leo's escape, which consisted of him prising open a wall in the garden after having a hissy fit about possibly having to wash his own underwear, the sort of degredation which only animals, criminals and the entirety of the human population since the dawn of time - or at least since the invention of underpants - normally has to endure. As soon as he escaped the housemates immediatly started talking about Leo - well, without him to do so, someone's got to take on that responsiblity - "I don't know whether to laugh or cry", said Jo, feeling a thunder in her heart.

It wasn't the only drama of the day though, as after Carole's inevitable eviction, Danielle and Jade had a big old argument with Shilpa for reasons which didn't seem to be entirely apparent and kicked off from nowhere, but may well have had a lot to do with the fact that Danielle was quite, quite drunk. Jo and Cleo went into the bathroom with the obviously upset Shilpa to try and calm her down, and later Jo commented to H that Danielle was being really mean to her. Unlike Jo herself, of course, who spent part of the afternoon having a bitch to Jade and Danielle about her, declaring that she "could really have whacked her", describing her as "Whinge, whinge" and taking the piss out of her about her bleaching routine. Although given that it consisted of using it like shaving foam and putting some on her nose, we can only concur.