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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back Once Again... 

Anyone there?

Yes, the Fringe is now over - very good, thanks for asking, we saw 66 shows, including Mark Watson's infamous and genius 36 hour show, Simon Amstell and The Krankies, and are now living in fear of the arrival of our next credit card bill - which means that things will be getting back to normal around here, i.e. still not really getting around to updating the site, but without having a valid excuse for our laziness. Oh well!

We'll kick things off properly on Monday with more 10 Things..., more Fashion, more Actual Worst Records, plus some top quality - actual quality of pieces may vary - new features including Music Week, The Hits Half Hour and that S Club 7 thing we promised at the start of the year but never actually got around to writing. Also, once X Factor goes 'live', we'll once again, like a dog returning to its own vomit, be bringing back our X Spot series, but until then - and, indeed, after then as well - you should really be looking at The Bitch Factor for the very best in commentary on the series.

We'll post something funnier and actually worth reading on Monday. Promise.