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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What Did We Learn at School Eurovision Today on Saturday 

So, Saturday then. The whole Eurovision spectacle itself was an event as gloriously enjoyable as eating a twix and a banana at the same time, but Daz's less than impressive placing not only put bit of a dampener on the night, it seriously screwed up the planned drinking game, the gist of which involved downing a shot every time Daz scored some points. Had we stuck to that plan we'd all have ended up staying sober. Well, soberer at any rate.

It shouldn't really have come as much of a surprise. After all, for the last few years Britain hasn't exactly done stunningly well no matter how hard we try, and we've been trying everything. We've tried sending something decent - Daz Sampson - we've tried sending pish - Jemini - and we've tried doing the same thing as every single other act that year - Javine - and yet we still can't seem to pull ourselves up from the bottom end of the league table. So what, aside from bribing every single person in Europe to vote for us, can we do to engender a change in our fortunes? Well...