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Monday, October 17, 2005

Power Cut 


OK, so as numbers go it's not that bad. After all, it's better than, say, 23, which was Lisa Scott-Lee's last chart position, and it's certainly a lot more impressive than the not-even-in-the-top-forty position of Jenny Frost's debut solo 'effort', but it's still some way short of the top ten position which Lisa declared Electric would have to reach for her to continue in the music industry, though we're sure that mass public demand or, to be slightly more realistic, failure to have anything else better to do means that this won't be the last we see of Miss Scott-Lee.

Of course, assuming that she has more honour than she does record sales, she will stay true to her word and wave goodbye to the world of pop. If this does turn out to be the case, then we had the honour of being present at her last ever gig, which took place at 1AM in a Glasgow nightclub on Saturday night.

As well as being present, we were also right down the front, though getting and maintaining this position did necessitate being on the dancefloor an hour before her actual appearance and dancing in our usual, improvisational, off-step and interpretive style - i.e. badly - to numerous bad dance versions of indie style hits, including Green Day, Coldplay and, to our eternal shame, James Blunt. We doubt we'll ever feel clean again. Still, we were able to frug both enthusiastically and aryhthmically to Rachel Stevens and Kelly Clarkson so it wasn't all bad.

Finally the DJ decided that we'd heard enough low rent music to get us enthusiastic for the Scott-Lee appearance, though we were so fed up with the music choice at this point that we would probably have cheered the Crazy Frog. "Are you ready for Lisa?!" he asked. Despite the fact that the enthusiastic and drunken roar which greeted this question was a far more impressive response than you would expect for that sort of question, this still wasn't enough for him: "I said 'Are you ready for Lisa!!!'". Having now apparently convinced him that we actually were at a suitable level of readyness, he buggered off and Lisa made her entrance, accompanied by a pair of girl dancers.

Lisa herself was dressed in a black corset and trousers that were either 3-quarter length or too small. Her dancers wore jeans and black tops with sparkly bits, one of whom also had the label from her knickers on display, though despite our lack of knowledge on the subject, we reckon this was more likely to be a faux pas rather than a fashion statement. Also, any money that was saved from the somewhat cheap simplistic nature of the outfits certainly didn't find itself being used to purchase waterproof mascara for the dancers, as while Lisa's make-up was still immaculate by the end of the set, the poor girls, already having to earn their crust by doing the job in the first place, also suffered from the added humiliation of having the sort of smudged look not normally seen outside of a failed X Factor audition.

She opened with U Sure Do, before following it with Boy on the Dancefloor, Too Far Gone, Lately and finishing with Electric, and was frankly really, really good, despite the fact that she was labouring under the twin handicaps of a) being Lisa Scott-Lee and b) performing Lisa Scott-Lee songs. We're not quite sure why she shone so brightly. Perhaps it was because the MTV series - which they were filming for - has given her a new energy which helped her hit new heights. Maybe it was because the prospect of potentially having to give up the career she loves gave her a much needed kick up the arse and forced her to up her game. It could be that she was feeding off the warmth from the crowd - and we were all willing her to succeed - and was able, as a result of the support, to give it 110%. Or perhaps, and a tad more likely, it was because we'd consumed quite a few sugary vodka drinks prior to her appearance and our critical faculties weren't quite in full working order.

The Scott-Lee may not have touched us physically - though our friend did get her approval when she picked him out for a bit of call-and-response for the "whoa-woah" bits of Too Far Gone and surprised her by actually being able to sing, a move which also meant that he did more live singing than the LSL herself - she did touch us emotionally. A young (ish) girl just wanting to succeed, trying so hard to hold on to her dreams of success and stardom, but finding herself crushed by the industry juggernaut that see her only as another commodity to use up and throw away. But when even someone like Rachel Stevens finds that the public laps up her insipid covers but ignores the pop genius of her latest material, what chance does Lisa have?

Oh well, farewell then, Miss Scott-Lee. You could sing a bit, you could dance a bit, and you weren't exactly ugly looking, but alas it seems that just wasn't enough. Never mind though, they'll be casting for the next series of I'm a Celebrity... sooner than you think.