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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dirty Dozen 

The X Factor finalists have finally been announced and they are:Note that we managed to impart that information in a quick and easy fashion, without feeling the need to stretch it out to fill an hour long 'special' edition. But then, seeing the disappointed faces of people whose dreams have been crushed just isn't enough these days, to get that full on emotional kick we need to see the heartache and pain of their optimistic families as well. Oh, and laugh at the occasional dodgy interior design decison.

Anyway, as from next week we'll be bringing you our full coverage of the live shows, though we feel it's going to be somewhat hampered by the fact that - other than Chico's a twat - we can remember the sum total of bugger all about all the contestants who have made it this far, despite us having watched every episode of the sodding series. Oh well! We also should point out that our coverage will be nowhere near as good as that of The Bitch Factor who have been providing excellent blow by blow coverage since the start of the run, which will make our pieces somewhat irrelevant. Oh well! Again!