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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tear Off Your Own Head, It's A Doll Revolution 

How fantastic! Though we're not quite sure why Nicola is covering for Al in Quantum Leap, why Cheryl is trapped under a wine glass and why The Others appear to have tucked into a hearty breakfast of Ready Brek, but still, are these not pretty fab? Albeit 'pretty fab' in it's somewhat underused 'slightly ropey' connotation.

We have no idea if these are actually going into production or not, but if they are we can only hope there's no repeat of the rumour that was going around when the idea was originally mooted: that the allocation of Nicola dolls doesn't quite reach the same levels as the other girls.

For more info click here or here. But we should warn you that the first link is not suitable for public viewing. It's the Barbie website.