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Monday, June 27, 2005

Talent in a Previous Live 8 

Well, last week was a bit of a wash out as far as the site was concerned, wasn't it? We did miss the chance to comment on Will Young's new hair - it makes him look like he has ringworm - and Michelle McManus's appearance on You Are What You Eat - was quite a big girl, still quite a big girl - but never mind. Don't worry though, we're going to more than make up for it - though by "more than make up for it" we do mean little more than "actually post something" - as we are going to be going Live 8 crazy, with a week of special Live 8 related articles and whatnots, all leading up to Saturday, which will find us blogging 'live' throughout the day, giving you a blow by blow, artist by artist, song by song and ill thought out opinion by ill thought out opinion guide to every single little thing that happens, or at least every single little thing that's televised by the BBC. This will be big, if only in a literal sense as the piece will likely end up being ridiculously, but it should be an interesting experiment at any rate. Although we should point out that it won't happen if we either a) have a bad hangover on Saturday, or b) fail to do what, for us at any rate, is the rather complicated task of setting up a portable telly next to our computer. More details about this on Friday.

Later this week we'll be giving you ten things we state about Live 8 and a final update on the line-up, plus anything else that comes to mind, but starting today is the first in a five part series looking at times when music has - like Bob Geldof hopes will happen on Saturday - changed the world. Though when we say "five", we might not have time on Friday, and Wednesday'll be a bit tight as well, so it might well be a 3 part series. Oh well. The first part, however, can definitely be found below. Enjoy.