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Friday, February 25, 2005

Sorry Seems to be the Most Appropriate Word 

While Busted still haven't got around to announcing what their present for everyone will be - latest news seems to indicate it's going to be in the highly imaginative form of a Greatest Hits album - Blue have been much kinder to their fans since their split and have just announced that their farewell gift will be in the form of, ummm, canceling their goodbye tour. This might not seem like much of a gift right now, but give it a few years and they'll all be very thankful that they don't have to deal with the shame of having been to see Blue play live.

They've cancelled not because it suddenly struck them that calling the tour "The Best of Blue" would leave them being at risk of prosecution for false advertising should they perform any song which isn't Curtain Falls, but because Lee Ryan has realised that he can't sing. Not, alas, in the form of a late-night soul-searching session which culminated in the reassessment of his talents, but in the form of nodules on the throat leading to a doctor advising him to keep his mouth shut for a couple of months. Quite why he's following this advice when it comes from a doctor, given that he's happily ignored it every time their PR person told him to do the same is unclear, but it does seem likely that the medical professional involved will be receiving the "Outstanding Contribution to Music Prize" at next year's Brit Awards. Blue have half-heartedly said that they'll look into rescheduling, but this is quite unlikely as they want to give off the impression that they're all going to be very busy without the band and not just staying in bed all day long, watching Countdown and generally wasting their lives away.

Any fans who are upset by this decision are advised to sort their fucking priorities out.