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Monday, July 02, 2007

Lazy YouTube Pick of the Week 

It's Canada Day today! A day when Canadians all around the world, but mainly in Canada, take time out to celebrate all that is good and ace and fantastic about the country. Some may wonder exactly why that needs a whole day, but they've got a lot to be proud of there's, umm, and, well there's, y'know, thingy and, yeah, like, other stuff. Definitely.

But one thing they can be proud of a certain lady by the name of Avril Lavigne, so to celebrate their special day, here's Avril performing Girlfriend at this year's MMVA's, Canada's big music award ceremony. It's worth pointing out that yes, that does seem to be less a microphone she's holding and more something that came free with a packet of cornflakes, but she does look amazing so that sort of criticism is, like, so whatever. It is, after all, what everybody's talking about.

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