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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Inside Skinny 

We're too lazy to write anything properly today, but here are a couple of music stories which caught our eyes recently:-

First up is a tale which we read in the Metro. OK, given that it was in the Metro, 'read' is probably a bit strong, but we certainly saw it there. It involves a Scottish girl who travelled all the way to New York, went to a Snow Patrol gig and, because she was holding up a banner professing her love for the world's favourite purveyors of sub-Coldplay snoozic, got invited up on stage to sing a song with them. Now, this could easily be put down to the mind-addling effects of jetlag, in which case she could easily be forgiven for what would be seen as nothing more than a moment of madness that she would later laugh and joke about and would, at the very least, give her a quick and easy answer to the question "What was your most embarrassing moment?". Alas, however, this isn't the case, as she made the trip to New York specifically to see the yawnsome wonders in concert. Quite why the experience of seeing them send an audience of people with American accents to sleep differs from seeing them send an audience of people with Scottish accents to sleep is beyond us - perhaps the timbre of the snoring is better over the pond - but we can think of a hell of a lot better things to do in NYC than go to a Snow Patrol concert. Not go to a Snow Patrol concert for one.

Secondly, Girls Aloud have once again been causing controversy, as according to BEAT, an eating disorders' help group, their new advertising campaign for Sunsilk - a haircare product that offers users glossy hair, an end to tangles along with a waggily tail and a stronger bark - makes the girls look unnaturally thin, "Like Barbie dolls", to use their own analogy, and they fear it could encourage their fans to try and copy the super skinny look. Here's a picture from the shoot:

They kinda have a point, don't they? And this is with Nicola wearing horizontal stripes as well, which tend to make you look bigger, so we dread to think what her actual waist measurement is, although it no doubt comes in millimetres, rather than inches. Still, with all this going on, it's a good thing they're not going to cause further public outrage by once again sexualising schoolgirls and dressing up in somewhat skimpy versions of St. Trinian's uniforms, isn't it?


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