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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Predictive Texting 

(If you're reading this, SHHH! We're not officially back, just thinking about it, For the next month or so we're going to try writing some stuff for the site and see whether our enthusiasm for actually relaunching the site wanes with the reality of actually thinking of funny things to say. This way if it's a disaster then only we'll know about it and can happily pretend the whole sorry affair hasn't happened. So, y'know, keep it under your hat. Ta!)

It is, once again, the future. And with the prospects of massive unemployment, hitherto unknown levels of cuts and belt tightening on the sort of scale that is likely to split the skinniest of celebs into two separate entities, a bit like a worm, 2011 is looking about as glittering as Jedward's awards cabinet. But even if things are looking as bright as the combined IQ of anyone who ever has and, indeed, ever will be in Hollyoaks, things are still going to happen and here are just a few of what we reckon those things will be:-