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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Hard Day's Night 

There's been another pointless survey - not that there's any other kind - and this has come to the conclusion that the hardest working artist in the UK is Peter Andre. Yes, that one.

Now, while it undoubtedly takes a certain amount of effort to avoid just slitting your wrists there and then as you run through Mysterious Girl for the umpteenth time this year, it's hard to equate this with the sort of grind put in by jobbing musicians every weekend, playing reasonably competent cover versions to pubs half filled with disinterested punters. Indeed, given the bulk of padding that makes up his setlist, the only real difference between their gigs and Andre's is the quality of the light show and the fact Peter's bass player is unlikely to have to pause every ten minutes to let someone squeeze past him to get to the toilets.

Runners up in this entirely scientific and verifiable list were Status Quo, which just goes to show that the provision of pensions in this country really isn't acceptable if they're still forced to go out and work at their age. It's unclear at this time whether their position here is based entirely on gigs, or whether their earnings from their shifts at B&Q have been included to bulk up the figures.

Third were JLS, who now have no excuse for saving money by buying misshapen shirts that lack adequate material in the front, while fourth place went to Westlife, which is fair enough as standing up every time you hear a key change can really take it out of you. Bringing up the rear is Rod Stewart, who still believes that performing Sailing and pretending to be Scottish is an acceptable way to earn a living. This survey was carried out by PRS, who apparently have nothing better to do and are unlikely to be troubling the compilers of this year's list of hardest working businesses.