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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Art Bitch 

According to the internet, the below is the best album cover of 2010:-

Which, if nothing else, proves that the internet really does love anything with a picture of a cat plastered upon it.

This survey, which we're sure was entirely legitimate and carried out to an auditable standard, was commisioned by Art Vinyl, a company who specialise in selling frames you can put your records into. Essentially their business model involves selling bog standard square frames for twice the price you can normally buy them for, so it's no surprise that they're resorting to this sort of guff to desperately promote their snakewater store. If you're unsure whether this is the sort of product you should be spending your money on, bear in mind that their website genuinely claims that the pointless act of sticking your favourite record to the wall allows you to "experience more pleasure" from your music.

Of course, album art is an odd thing these days. Regardless of how much time and effort is spent on it, it's more likely to be viewed shrunken down to a handful of pixels in the corner of iTunes. Or, if ours is anything to go by, regularly replaced by a picture of some hairy looking band who's album happens to share one word - normally "the" - with the album we've just uploaded. Indeed, we're now convinced that most artists have eschewed artwork altogether and just use the "Drag Artwork Here" logo to save a bit of money.

Still, we're sure the Klaxons must be very proud. After all, it's not like they're going to get many other prizes for that particular album...