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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lazy YouTube Pick of the Week 

We always thought that James Blunt fans were muppets, now here’s the proof:-

Yes, this is James finally realising that his main appeal lies with those who consider Incy Wincy Spider to be an exciting and thrilling rollercoaster ride of a complex melody and accepting the invitation to perform on Sesame Street, the world’s favourite collection of bulimics - The Cookie Monster - obsessive compulsives - The Count - and tramps - Oscar the Grouch. Here James reworks, in much the same way that you might mould your own excrement into a sausage, his hit You’re Beautiful into the lyrically superior My Triangle - we have a maths degree; songs which mention the hypotenuse get us excited - which, yes, is all about the geometric shape - we can only assume Boards of Canada were busy otherwise they would surely have taken this gig - and James performs this lovesong to the second simplest two dimensional object with all the passion and emotion he gives off when singing about an actual woman. Still, this is probably something of a first as it’s the only James Blunt song which actually has a point. Three of them to be exact.

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